Bonus extended Promo #H50 4.09

Thanks to CBS YouTube for the promo link!

Click link for promo: H50 4.09 Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i



27 thoughts on “Bonus extended Promo #H50 4.09

  1. Ok I’m an absolute puddle of goo watching this – seeing Steve w/his arm around Mary and baby Joan and Aunt Deb! And the gang together! I can’t wait to see this tomorrow night! Thanks ESS – great job as always!

  2. Alright, I will for sure be in the minority here, but that was two minutes of wasted sceen time. Loved to see the gang all together, even though I wonder why Danny was so sad, but her singing? Just horrible. Sorry, but that kind of music and singing hurt my ears.
    That ruins even the wonderful sibling interaction and baby Joan. I truly hope that will be the only time we will hear her sing.

  3. Am I the only sap who cried while watching this? Damn menopause! I love love love Carol Burnett and love her even more now after she put such a sweet smile on his already gorgeous face! S&T! Can’t wait for the episode! Someone please cap the sweet hug between Steve and Mary!

  4. ouh! I have to say that I’m doing my homework about Carol ( watching everything about her) and I have to say too that she still has a great voice in terms of tone and I loved her dialogue with Steve in jail ( I guess we have forgotten this kind of songs with a meaning and a feeling, we have lost the romanticism about life, simple things in life but becuase I’m a stupid fall in love with love, I liked the song and it was obviously dedicated to Alex and Mary ) and I bet that maybe “the kid” will try to do a move with her ;0)…..jajaja!….anyway, it seems a lovely evening with the entire gang but I’m a little worry about Danno, he looks melancolic :0(… always I love those two siblings and I adore Steve, the brother, the loving, the protective and now baby Joan is his favorite!!!!!

  5. I have to say that of all the screen caps you’ve done ESS, this just may be my favorite EVER!! That smile is a killer, or as you girls are always saying . . . a real panty dropper πŸ˜€. Thank you, thank you, a million thank yous!!!

  6. Thank you for capturing this beautiful smile, Ess! This is one of the loveliest moments ever on H50 – makes my heart melt to see everyone happy and smiling together and enjoying auntie Deb singing for them ❀

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