Pics from Sunday’s Women’s Self Defense Class #AlexOLoughlin

These pics were shared with us by an attendee at one of the seminars and a reader of the blog who merely said,

He is everything that I had envisioned him to be…flirty, hilarious, intense, respectful, genuine, generous, gorgeous…as well as being just a regular guy, with a regular life…”

What greater compliment can you get than that, eh?

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If sharing these photos, please keep the watermark in place out of respect for our blog friend who shared them with us.


20 thoughts on “Pics from Sunday’s Women’s Self Defense Class #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Oh, so that’s pictures you talked about, Babes ^^ Sweet, so good to see him so happy, so relaxed and so motivated, hell yeah! ^^

  2. What nice things to say about Alex, but I love that “flirty” was mentioned first! For some reason I picture that about him…what a great experience and for great causes! Sigh…

    • ACA!! It makes me giggle. 🙂 I just don’t think he can help it, you know? I mean, some people firt with the expectation to get something in return, some people flirt to ‘give’ and while I could be wrong….Alex seems to fall into the latter category to me. It’s just a natural way he has of giving to another person, making them feel special even if just for a moment in time. Ladies love him, guys love him. He’s a natural.

  3. What lovely comments about Alex! He truly is special! I am so glad he lives in Hawaii and can have a regular life! Wishing him happiness and love and the Best Life!

  4. It’s always a pleasure to hear that he never fails to raise to expectations 🙂
    Flirty…I didn’t have a doubt about it.
    And down to Earth, I love that too

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