*updated* Ext Promo #H50 4.09-Hau’oli Lā Ho’omaika’i (Happy Thanksgiving) #AlexOLoughlin #CarolBurnett

Sorry to my international peeps, I can’t upload these for you anymore. As soon as CBS loads it on their YouTube account, I’ll add the link. Right now this is viewable for the USA fans only.

Click photo to watch video. (there is a problem to the link on the main caption, click on the photo/link in the top left corner. that link plays)

CBS Press Express - HAWAII FIVE-0- Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i

Video courtesy CBS Press Express

Updated with the CBS YouTube version for international viewing: click below 


23 thoughts on “*updated* Ext Promo #H50 4.09-Hau’oli Lā Ho’omaika’i (Happy Thanksgiving) #AlexOLoughlin #CarolBurnett

  1. Thanks for the YT link! 🙂 I think I love love LOVE Carol Burnett. Can’t remember to have seen her on screen her ever before – or maybe wasn’t aware of her -, but she seems to be a great comedic person and actress.

    • *GASP* You haven’t seen Carol Burnett???? *GASP*?? You poor thing!!! Her comedy skit show was THE BEST!! They taped it live in front of an audience and ALL of them were hilarious and two of the guys used to make each other laugh ALL. THE. TIME. so it was basically like watching an H50 blooper reel sometimes (without the f-word) lol. I have to find you some links. I’ve been watching “best of” videos on youtube and crying my eyes out with laughter.

      True story, when her show went off air, on the last episode she was saying goodbye to everyone and I was just a little kid and I cried and cried and cried and my momma had to console me and tell me that she was just saying goodbye to *THIS* show and I’d see her again. Awwww. lol!!! and look…here we are. 🙂

    • Miracle – google Carol Burnett and watch some of her old tv shows appropriately named The Carol Burnett Show – she was and still is a legend! Multi-talented, sing, dance, act! Amazing woman! You won’t be sorry!

    • I’m sure it’s no cataract she needs the pot for. I think it’s worse, maybe cancer? And she doesn’t want Steve and Mary to feel sorry… But they will find out and then we get the Steve-comforting-Mary scene…
      *puts her crystal ball under a cloth again* 😆

  2. I’m looking very forward to this epi! Carol Burnett has always been a favorite of mine! No, I really don’t think cataracts require pot! Poor Steve, always having to deal with his very dysfunctional family! Wonder if we’ll get to see baby Joan again?

      • I guess nobody believe it is for cataracts……I guess something “bigger” happens to her and that’s why she approaches to Steve and Mary now……ouh! Steve being or trying to be understanding in this dialogue is just cute and loving…….I hope this episode gets more than 10 millions of viewers and that it would be retransmitted on thanksgiving day too!

  3. I think this episode will have everything and then some. Loved the Debra and the Steven, I hope there is nothing fatally wrong with Aunt Deb because I sure hope she comes back. I will go on record right now and say Carol Burnett as Aunt Deb, Emmy for appearance by a guest, she’s that good.

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