BTS video from #H50 filming #alexoloughlin #gracepark #danieldaekim

Thanks to chesterelli on YouTube for this cute BTS pic from filming.

#1 the white pants are back!!

#2 I wonder what DDK said that made them all laugh like that?

#3 the white pants are back!!

#4 dat ass

#5 the white pants are back!!

#6 those gunshots have to be loud in person!

#7 dat ass

#8 the white pants are back!!

Those were just a few things I thought of while watching….


9 thoughts on “BTS video from #H50 filming #alexoloughlin #gracepark #danieldaekim

    • πŸ˜† Yes, we all tend to repetitions when it comes to Alex because at some point we’re running out of superlatives to describe him. – Ok, maybe that’s just me and my limited English vocabulary… πŸ˜‰

  1. When I saw this video first tonight I thought: Even though it’s a shootout scene they have sooooo much fun – or precisely BECAUSE it’s a shootout scene. πŸ˜† Look at those three goofing around at the beginning and at the end. I love it!

  2. How great must it be to go to work every day knowing you’re going to have fun as well as working hard. They are sooo good together, no wonder they call it ohana! Oh and white pants ESS…..yum!

  3. ok ok
    ROFL !!! I love love it !!!
    sooo happy to see the white pants baaaack oh dear i’ve missed them so so much !!! πŸ˜€
    loving how the team is having fun at work ! not suprised to see how great the show is !
    nice work conditions, lovely team, all get on well, nothing else is needed to do a great job πŸ™‚

    ohh and Happy to see Grace back on set πŸ™‚

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