Pics from Belt Promotions at #GrapplingUnlimitedHawaii #AlexOLoughlin #EganInoue

From the Grappling Unlimited Hawaii Facebook Page.
Thanks to Kari @ The Five-0 Redux for helping me find the source of these photos for proper credit.

More pics found at the hyperlink above that don’t contain Alex but some really nice ones of the Grand Opening, the blessing with the Kahu and other belt promotions photos.

Pic credit to Marcia Inoue (Egan’s wife).


8 thoughts on “Pics from Belt Promotions at #GrapplingUnlimitedHawaii #AlexOLoughlin #EganInoue

  1. So had to look up the BJJ outfit thing, and now I know it is called a gi or even a kimono.
    “The following colors are permissible: white, royal blue or black. Use of a shirt under the gi top is prohibited (except for women). Wearing pants of any kind under gi pants is prohibited.
    Athletes must use undergarments. The use of thong-type undergarments is not permitted; only briefs-type undergarments.”

    I was hoping it said no undergarments are allowed 😛
    But why have we then seen Alex and some others sometimes with a tee under the gi? We must speak up if it happens again 😉

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