Pic Spam #H50 4.08 Akanahe (Reluctant Partner) #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

O M G! So much fun this episode was! It’s a Top 3 episode. Everything I hoped it would be!! Which is also why it took so long to screencap and get pic spam up. I kept getting distracted and rewatching instead of doing my *work*. LOL! Can you blame me? 🙂 The humor in this episode speaks for itself but the theme that kept running through my head was size. It’s so different to see Alex be the smaller guy on screen (yet he never acts like the smaller guy). Of course in my mind, I take the *size* thing and turn it into innuendo. Don’t act shocked! You were hoping for it. It’s was obvious. It had to be done.

Aside from that, McGrover was everything I hoped it would be and I hope for many, many, many more episodes of this! Chi is something special and you mix that in with Alex’s *special* and BAM!! just pop the popcorn, sit back and put up your feet and enjoy….

So here is my pic spam for episode 4.08, you know the drill…this is just me having some fun with my favorite screen caps and some gifs I made, they are largely McGarrett centered and rarely plot related. They are meant for fun and laughs only. Feel free to leave your own witty caption.

Full episode screencaps HERE.


30 thoughts on “Pic Spam #H50 4.08 Akanahe (Reluctant Partner) #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

  1. Sooo much pretty. These are getting better every week. Especially good for the girls who haven’t had the pleasure of S4 yet. Thanks again ESS!!! xxx

  2. The best epi so far this season! All that pretty! SIGH!! I’m smiling and am work – now if that’s not one for the books!! TY!! :-)!

  3. I don’t remember seeing THAT message on the ATM screen . . . I like your version so much better 😃. Lol. Great job ESS — I really needed these pics to get me thru the rest of the workday!!

  4. I absolutely loved this episode and laughed out loud several times watching Chi and Alex together (I’m usually more of “silently grinning” person not the “laugh-out-loud” type :-)).
    I was thinking of you and knew you would love this, too, because you had mentionned before that Chi is a favorite of you. Like you, I’m hoping for more fun coming up with these two guys – They are hilarious!
    Do I even have to mention that I love your pic spam?! 🙂

    • Thanks Angie! I think you may have mentioned you liked the pic spam. 🙂 and I’m happy you do!

      Not McG and I LOL’d throughout the entire episode ourselves. Uncharacteristically so! I mean, every once in a while there would be funny parts but this episode we laughed so hard and maybe even cheered a few times. It was a winner in all ways IMO. Not McG even grabbed the remote out of my hands to rewind a few places. He never does that on H50!

    • Thank you, KMK!! Thanks for your first comment! I hope now that you’ve broken the comment barrier, that you’ll keep joining in on the fun. 🙂 Thanks for your support. ❤ ❤

  5. I loved this episode. I had a smile on my face all the way to the end. Steve’s face just before he and Grover went inside the governor’s door, I think Steve could have hit him. Do hope we get more inter-action between them.

  6. This was a great recap, probably because it was a great episode (and of course, because you always do a great job!)
    Undoubtedly, this has become my favorite episode this season so far … I want more McGrover, soon, very soon!

  7. I think i know now, that smile in the car reminds me of the smile he gave lori in the coffee shop!
    Thanks ess, this pic spam was a lot of fun!

      • I won’t ruin it, but i have to insist 😉 it’s the coffee shop smile!
        I think it’s a kind of “i-find-it-interesting-what-you’re-saying-but-my-thoughts-are-somewhere-else-at-the-moment” smile 😉 !!
        (Maybe he was already thinking, huh, i need to get some money to buy some beer for mcroll)
        It was the same with lori, he wasn’t really interested in her coffee/milk speak, his mind was focused on the matt porter case!
        Wow, i got carried away!!!

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