Honolulu Pulse covers the Self Defense Class by #AlexOLoughlin of #H50 and #EganInoue

From The Honolulu Pulse.

“HONOLULU PULSE STAFF / honolulupulse@staradvertiser.com

“Hawaii Five-0” star Alex O’Loughlin joined fitness trainer and former MMA champion Egan Inoue to present two self-defense seminars for women and children on Sunday, Nov. 17.

The sessions, held at the new 3,000-square-foot Egan’s Training Center at 2700 S. King St., also served as a fundraiser for Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children. Participants paid $300 per person, with the proceeds to be donated to the hospital.

The 90-minute sessions focused on a form of “nonstriking self-defense” based on Inoue’s martial arts training. Participants received a certificate, T-shirt and autographed photograph of O’Loughlin, who trains with Inoue.

Last weekend’s seminars raised $10,500, according to a post on Inoue’s Facebook page.”

111713 HNL Pulse 1

“Hawaii Five-0″ star Alex O’Loughlin joined former MMA champion Egan Inoue to present self-defense seminars for women and children on Sunday, Nov. 17.

111713 HNL Pulse 2

“Inoue, left, and O’Loughlin address attendees at the seminar on Sunday, Nov. 17. (Star-Advertiser photo by Bruce Asato)”

111713 HNL Pulse 3

“O’Loughlin instructs Jeanne Newberry, on the mat, and Kimmy Kaaihue, at Egan’s Training Center. (Star-Advertiser photo by Bruce Asato)”

111713 HNL Pulse 4

“Former mixed martial arts champion Egan Inoue, left, looks on as Alex O’Loughlin — Steve McGarrett from hit CBS television show “Hawaii Five-0″ — instructs Heather Wong, on back, during a women’s self-defense seminar at Egan’s Training Center in Moiliili. The two-day seminar was a fundraiser for the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children. (Star-Advertiser photo by Bruce Asato)”

111713 HNL Pulse 5

“O’Loughlin shares a tip with Martha Smith, left, and Amanda Price during Sunday’s seminar. (Star-Advertiser photo by Bruce Asato)”


Thank you to Domi @ the Amazing O’Caan Facebook page for the heads up on the article. ❤


20 thoughts on “Honolulu Pulse covers the Self Defense Class by #AlexOLoughlin of #H50 and #EganInoue

    • LOL! I can’t even talk about my jealousy at the moment! haha!! but reality is this was a great seminar for a great cause and raised a lot of money. They were very lucky to attend for many reasons.

      Who knows, Alex and Egan may have just saved a life!

      Now if only we could get them to take it on the road. 😉 lol!

  1. Heh! Wonder what percentage of the ladies showed up in full make-up yesterday…(I would have). 😉
    And I see he wore a mini thigh holster, for the ladies. Always so considerate.

    And yes, so cool he did this, for women and for the hospital. It’s like he just can’t give back enough, bless his heart!
    What a man!

  2. This type of real life stuff with Alex makes my heart pound. It is so wrong of me to have this crush. But it is soooooo fun. I just love you girls for sharing.

  3. Um first of all mahalo for the blog posts regarding the classes. I’m so proud of the money they raised, and the valuable lessons taught.
    Secondly, if Alex was on top of me, I would just lie there stupidity. I don’t think I’d be able to form a thought in my mind let alone “fight” him off. OH. MY. GOD.

  4. Soooooo jealous!!! These ladies are so lucky, congrats to them! I’m 50% happy for them, 50% jealous…umm… 40/60..,err, OK 1/99, but I am happy for them – honest!

    There is a whole of White Hot Wednesday action just waiting to happen up there – I look forward to seeing them pop up again!!

  5. Very lucky ladies 🙂
    The event was for a great cause so what can be better than doing good and having a few one to one moments with Alex at the same time?

  6. Ms. Wong in photo 4–who was holding whom? Is Egan wondering if he should jump in and save Alex? 🙂

    How many hands, arms, legs, and clothes will never be washed again because they touched our golden boy?

    Great job, Egan and Alex! $10,500 means 35 women, unless people donated more. That’s probably a good class size.

  7. I contemplated heading to Hawaii and attending this class and even asked NotMcG (“I’m not going to Hawaii”). Hmmmm…I wonder if his patience for my obsessing has run out?
    I also asked a few friends (“I have to work”, “I can’t leave my kids”, “I can’t afford it”). So sadly I didn’t make it. And now I’m seriously reconsidering my relationships.
    Apparently I need to find some childless friends that are so rich they don’t have to work.
    I still can’t believe that he was that accessible and that I just didn’t just say F IT and jump on a plane all by myself!
    Oh well, its probably for the best anyway, cuz I’m thinking that if he was on top of me like that I would have
    a) died
    b) cried
    c) wrapped my legs around him and held on for dear life
    d) all the above
    It just all would have been so awkward and I’m pretty sure c) would have gotten me thrown in jail. Hmmmm…I wonder if any of my cheap friends would have bailed me out? 🙂

    • Hahaha! You’ve now got me second guessing my not going. At least I know who I can call next time for a travel companion 🙂 Don’t worry about the jail thing–the holding cells would have been so full of MCPervs they would have had to let everyone go. They’re probably used to this by now.

    • Heh! You know that old adage, CG? Your good friend will bail you out if you go to jail. Your bestest friend will be sitting right beside you in the cell. :mrgreen:

  8. What lucky ladies! Alex is such a compassionate person (just 1 of his wonderful qualities). If he comes to LA, I will have to go and participate in this class! Oh, my, I can always dream!

  9. I agree with all of the above comments, but especially AlexNymph’s comment “who’s holding who”. My thoughts went somewhere along the line of “that women is probably thinking that her $300 was very well spent”. But in all seriousness, kudos to both Egan and Alex — teaching those women how to hopefully protect themselves, as well as raising so much money for such a worthy cause 🙂

  10. So much “ass”cessiblility to Alex would have sent me over the edge! Yup! Would be joining all of you in McPerv Jail THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! But truly a kind and wonderful thing was done and all who attended should be proud too!

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