BTS pics from today’s #H50 filming #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim 4.13

From H50 A.D. @lontakiguchi

“Alaina the PA wrestling with AOL. #H50

111813 lontakiguchi twitter

From dismadafaka Instagram

111713 dismadafaka IG


11 thoughts on “BTS pics from today’s #H50 filming #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim 4.13

  1. Since Alex just gave a seminar about self defense, not a good idea to try and take him down! LOL Thanks for the great BTS photos!

    • Right! Like one of the pics from the self-defense seminar where the woman is choking Alex while kneeling between his legs! Why didn’t she just very gently lower her body onto his. Must have been very difficult no to do it. What will power!

  2. Hee! I think that wrestling picture is cute! She probably was teasing him about his class. Or he was teasing her. Either/or. I love that one!

    The other pic is kinda humerous too. A bunch of guys hanging out around a car…and two chicks with shopping bags. Like on nearly every street in America. 😆

    • I know! I was just thinking that last night that they’ll probably film through 4.14 before they take off for the holidays and that will leave only 8 episodes to film when they get back. They should all have a real nice summer hiatus. Alex should have some good, quality time off this year.

  3. There was a tweet after the top pic got posted, I *think* it was from 50Undercover. The running joke is that this A.D. (Lon), has joked before about wrestling with Alex every day on set so the tweeter asked if he still wrestled with Alex since he’s done all that BJJ training. This pic was Lon’s response. I guess now Alex wrestles with everyone. lol.

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