Tweets shared by @Monimoob from Self-Defense Class #AlexOLoughlin

@Monimoob graciously said we could share her tweets from the Self-Defense at Egan’s Training Center today

start from the bottom up..   (sorry! that was the easiest copy & paste!)

  1. Main thing is 2 run away! Alex & all instructors emphasized that. The moves we learned are 2 surprise our attacker & buy us time 2 get away!

  2. He said once u do that, 2 b prepared 4 chnge in mind-set of ur attacker. He said guys don’t of course like that & it’ll make them angry!

Moni/5-0 Agent #26 ‏@monimoob 1m
Alex said sumthing that made me stop & think. He mentioned 2 me & @juliehawaii abt doin the kneekick thing in the u-know-whats 2 ur attackr.

  1. @alavenia @HeyD50 Haha! I was attackin him so Alex pushed 2wards me then twistd out & away & rolld off my bck! He was showin prop technique.

  2. 1 of moves we learned wher attackr grabs ur wrist & u free urself frm it. Alex had me grab his wrist & then go 2wards him, then u push away!

  3. Alex waz sur 2 go arnd rm & assist, as well as Egan & Cory, the fem JuJitsu instructr. Many times Alex wud help me, my partner, Julie & Amy!

  4. We did take individual pics with Alex along with a group pic. They will email them to us. Will post as soon as I receive mine! :))

  5. @Terrysagirl No the photographer was silent & was just taping. I don’t recall seeing any interviews. Maybe b4 or after? @LisaKubota

  6. @Terrysagirl Ahhhh it waz @HawaiiNewsNow!! Thnx T! 🙂 I hope they don’t show when Egan picked me up & carried me! 🙂 😛 @EganInoue

  7. @Terrysagirl No, no crimps in the lust factor Anty T! 😉 One was Egan’s photographer & other was KITV 4 news. Or was it KHON? Arrrgh I 4get!

  8. Difficult to xplain in twts the xperience. Alex was diffrent from what u see on tv & @ SOTB. Very relaxed, cool, like he was in his element!

  9. I’m tryin! 😉 Can u vacuum my place too? Hahaha! RT @juliehawaii: @monimoob @AmyBakari Tell it, Mons! I have to vacuum house b4 I shower.:)

  10. My partner was gal who flew in frm Holland, said she’s not on Twttr. @juliehawaii & @AmyBakari wrked 2gether, & sumtimes we switched it up.

  11. @Terrysagirl Sorry we didn’t twt sooner. Had2 put our stuff in cubbies in lockr room, gd cuz we had2 focus. There were photographers there.

  12. Alex vry gd, really gettin in2 moves. He helped me & my partner w/gettin technique dwn. Showed me a move where he was rolling off my back!:)

  13. Demonstrations w/fem instructors & Alex. Then we wrked w/a partner & Alex wud walk around room, watching & helping one-on-one w/ur partner.

  14. The studio is beautiful, very Zen-like decor. Shibui. Mayb abt 20 women? Egan, Alex, & abt 3 fem instructors. Egan wud xplain & demonstrate.

  15. @DanseuseDiva No, @EganInoue wudn’t laugh at students he’s trying to teach. Was a secure, fun, learning environment to learn self-defense!:)

  16. I’m w/@juliehawaii & we just dropped off @AmyBakari. It was all we thot it wud be. Up close & personal, tot access 2 AOL, fun & informative!

  17. Ok, to be clear, Alex was a gentleman and worked with ALL of us…of course! All us women who needed HELP!! :)))

  18. Pau the class. OMG!!!!! Was so much FUN! And Alex worked one-on -one with me!! :)))))

  19. Eeek! @HawaiiNewsNow just drove up! 😉 😛

  20. Just got dropped off by my “driver” @juliehawaii for @EganInoue‘s Self Defense class!:) Shud I go in and “crash” the first class?? 😉


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  1. I can´t believe it was such a small group! And so hands on with Alex. Talk about a dream come true 🙂
    Lucky ladies! And then there will be video and pics too. Can´t wait for those…

  2. Wow!! I can’t believe the lucky lady managed to pay attention to the class instructions. How on earth did she do that?? A huge thanks for sharing!! Except I wouldn’t defend myself if I was attacked by a guy this pretty. #justsayin

  3. Ah, I love the one where she said he was relaxed and cool and in his element. 🙂 So pleased for him that he’s found his element in Hawaii. And doing this to help women and a charity. Damn! He’s a good man.

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