#AlexOLoughlin teaches some lucky ladies Self Defense

From @LisaKubota via twitter and facebook

He battles bad guys on Hawaii Five-0, but actor Alex O’Loughlin spent the day teaching some lucky local ladies how to protect themselves. See the special self-defense seminar – tonight on Hawaii News Now.


In hopes that this is the first of many pics from the self defense classes, we will update here so keep checking back

Kudos to Alex and Egan Inoue for sponsoring these classes on women’s self-defense!

From @amybakari of H5Ohana

111713 with egan and amy bakari

From Egan Inoue’s Facebook page, looks like a great amount of money was raised! congrats to all!

111713 Egan Inoue FB


9 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin teaches some lucky ladies Self Defense

  1. I think Alex and Egan need to take their show on the road . . . to the mainland . . . to the Southeast!!! I would gladly hand over $300 to spend a few hours ogling that body, I mean learning self-defense moves. I just can’t promise I’d actually remember anything they tried to teach 🙂

  2. Ouh! I would offer myself as a volunteer when he ‘d teach every manoeuver and position but I guess that instinctly I would not defende myself against Alex but surrender to him..specially with the Wilson Key..:P
    Hope to see more pics…..scruffy,white T shirt and pink/red shorts?!!!!! Panties were in troubles there for sure, lol!

  3. Managed to watch the little segment on HawaiiNewsNow as I was awake at 3am this morning. Egan spoke but not Alex. It was a good cause raising $10,500.00.

    Alex looking gorgeous as ever love the t-shirt not going for the shorts though…

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