#AlexOLoughlin and #ChiMcBride goofing around

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 Sexy Goofy Men

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12 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin and #ChiMcBride goofing around

  1. I do have to admit that I LOVED them together. They were like two unruly boys who were being forced to play nice. This was one of my favorite episodes so far this season.

    • I liked them together, too. To me, it was almost like a father/son relationship (a teenage son). As much as I love the McGarrett attitude (and his softer side), and I’m sure he had a good relationship with his own father when they were together, I think McGarrett still missed out on a lot of those father/son moments and for some reason I think Grover is kind of filling that void for him. And Grover is obviously a father, too. We saw his daughter and he mentioned his son, but I wonder if he’s in Hawaii, too? Good chemistry. No one can replace Danny, but this is good, too.
      Alex has such a great face–goofy or not!

  2. It’s unhealthy how much I enjoyed this episode! I screamed and cheered and laughed and ‘yeeehaaa-ed”. Having a strepsil right now!
    McGrover FTW!
    And seeing Alex famous goofy eyebrow I think he enjoyed making this episode! Good for him and good for us.

  3. This is my favorite episode so far this season! They play off of each other perfectly! Why wasn’t Scott in the show? Even with the goofy look, Alex is still the hottest man!

  4. Love Steve and Grover together. They played off each other so well. Look to see them working with each other in more episodes.

    Great pic…..Alex looking his best….drooling started

  5. …. Awww!!! Steve making goofy faces, loving him, his eyebrown hipnotizes me!!! ….friday episode was pure adrenaline, was the pure H50 essence. Groover gives new emotions to the show and I like that he’s a normal man, I mean a family man, a dad with a special job ( cap of the SWAT team) , I hope Danno work with them too, it will be funny, they 2 “against” Steve…or they 2 “against” Groover, huh?

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