New fan pic of #AlexOLoughlin






From the Instagram of @jhideaway

“Got to hang with Alex O’Loughlin !!!

lucky lucky lucky!

thanks to @alexynay for heads up


12 thoughts on “New fan pic of #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I think this is the first cigar sighting since the season started. No? Damn he is so hot in button down shirts, but we can’t see the FOY. MMMm…chest hair and faded forearm tats may make up for lack of FOY. 😛 I know cigars are yucky and bad for your health, but his long fingers holding it and his phone in his giant palm is just…UNF!!

      • Seeing his grey hair?…..LOL!..I guess we all have the same pleasure about Alex….and what about his GIANT thumb?……shivering just to imagine what could do….he is so fit that everything looks so good on him….I also like this grey color as the gray short T shirt from last night episode ( because it didn’t cover the FOY)

    • Well, don’t have to read or write anymore, lurxgirl covered it for me, but I agree that button down shirt is great, imagine if it was “snap” button shirt.. Oh my.. Um.. *wipes drool off chin*

      and that hand holding cigar and phone.. yeah.. um.. WOW

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