#ThrowbackThursday love the shoes #AlexOLoughlin req by @ONTLLS

Yesterday’s picture of Alex at The McDonald College in Sydney in Nov 2011 featured my favorite pair of Alex shoes. Takes a real man to rock some bright orange kicks! And rock ’em he did!

@ONTLLS asked if i had more pics of the shoes and yes, I do!

These were taken at the Hawaiian International Film Festival (HIFF) in 2011 when H50 did a panel discussion.


As far as I know, these pics have been credited to The HNL Pulse.


20 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday love the shoes #AlexOLoughlin req by @ONTLLS

  1. First, i’m sorry that i was away from all of you in the last couple of days but RL is kicking me hard and next week will be worse. But i have to tell you that i missed my daily visit here and your witty comments that always put a smile in my face. There so much to catch up, but i’ll try to comment in all posts.

    I like the sneakers but with that shorts, it’s much better! TY

    • Hi Marta, sorry to hear things are going poorly for you right now. I hope it’s something that will improve soon. Take care and focus on what is important. we’ll be here when you get back and have time. 🙂

      I know what you mean about missing everyone though. I certainly did when I was offline. I kept sneaking peaks to read and it killed me not to be able to reply!!

  2. I love those cool shoes and, of course, they look even better on Alex! Orange happens to be my second-favorite colour. You may be happy to hear that I not only like blue 😉

  3. Man! I never realized Peter was so short.
    Which I noticed only after I’d been staring at Alex’s perfectly perfect calves for several minutes. And I recall seeing vids from this. His happy on that day is totally heartwarming. Even here you can see the joy in his face. His beautiful beautiful face…. 🙂

  4. Aloha! I have a few seminar pics I would like to share with you and your followers. Shall I send them to you through email? I would like to have no credit shown please. 🙂 thanks for all that you do!!!

    Warmest regards, Angie Sent from my iPhone

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