Another Photo from @EganInoue new training center #AlexOloughlin #ScottCaan

Pic credit Crissy Lambert


“Congratulations egan on your new location of egan’s training center! you continue to be such an inspiration to us all! for anyone who wants a life changing experience, please go visit them at their grand re-opening party on november 16th & 17th from 9am-1pm”.

2700 south king street

Thanks to Titine at Addicted to AOL FB page for the heads-up! The guys are all looking at the same camera in this one 😀


12 thoughts on “Another Photo from @EganInoue new training center #AlexOloughlin #ScottCaan

  1. I can’t believe this is open to the public. There will be a line out the door, down the block, circling around Honolulu itself. They thought the fans at SOTB were something. I’m assuming last weekends’ training camp was for the “guards” to help keep the McPervs from crushing Alex. I feel like Cinderella, at home cleaning instead of going to the ball. But it’s so exciting for Egan and Alex–I wish them much success!

  2. So it was Crissy Lambert the luckiest who received that smile! Should we ask about what happen to her panties? Ours burned with that unique and wonderful smile. FLR.

    PS I just watch one person in the pic.

    • Agreed! That’s why I wanted to keep Throwback Thursday as just being Alex, not a character. With so much H50 every week, it’s hard not to get into the habit of just posting McG but this man’s true beauty is when he’s just being himself.

  3. I agree Louise, Alex is at his best when he’s being Alex even though he’s wonderful at being Mick and Steve and Andy and Stan and everyone else.

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