21 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1

  1. Aaww!! I just gasped when ^^ THIS ^^ landed in my mailbox. I never saw this one before either! Just thinking that my bed would be much more messy if I had this man lying in it.

  2. Um, I think the “other” White Hot Wednesday wins, but then again, this one does have a scruffy Alex laying on bed, waiting for… looking at me walk towards him and…

    WHOA!! What is this?? First thing in the morning??

  3. This was a hidden treasure you had Kim, thanks for sharing……any bed would be all messy with Alex lying on it and his foy is bulky that I want so badly untie his belt and open the zipper….. He looks so sexy wild here with ink in his forearm…….what a image!!!!!!!

    • he had the forearm tats removed after moonlight, read were he said was very painful . I always liked the two the best!

      • I really liked the forearm tattoos also! I get excited when you can still catch glimpses of the coloring in certain light conditions.

        Oh I’ve heard the tattoo removal is wayyyyy worse than the actual tattoo itself. Makes me wonder what he was thinking with the FWA. As much as I love that little peek of color, he is stuck with it forever so I hope he really likes it! lol.

        • Working with Egan has many benefits for Alex, but maybe another one we could add is keeping fit so the tats stay looking good longer!

  4. That is one ULTRA hot and sexy picture of Alex and don’t mind if I do and White hot Wednesday is meeting Hump Day Wednesday Alex style 🙂

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