11 thoughts on “CBS releases a few more promo pics for 4.08 with @NickJonas #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride #h50

  1. Okay, interesting, Grover and McGarrett working together!! Wonder how that is gonna work? Does that mean Danny and Cath work together, and Chin takes off to find Kono?? (This is me just dreaming by the way!!)
    Wonder if Chin talks to McGarrett about what Grover said at the coffee shop?? – getting to detailed??
    Thanks for the head-up pictures 🙂

  2. Wow! What a mess in this two pics! How many shooters are there to almost smash or shoot this house to pieces?

    Running out of words today, in all honesty. Too much awesomeness, hotness, cuteness, whatever -ness…

  3. I just hope this episode takes the crown in ratings from Blue Bloods…Chi and Nick Jonas must attract viewers to the show……..well, ladies, we can ask no more, we have for every taste in H50.

    • “I just hope this episode takes the crown in ratings from Blue Bloods”

      Oh, it did with last weeks episode. In the more important demo H50 got a 1.4, Blue Bloods a 1.3. But you’re right if you refer to viewership. Blue Bloods got 10+ mio, H50 9,5 mio.

      The last two eps and the next two eps are important. More important than other eps over the year, because of November Sweeps. But I think with the Halloween ep, the baby ep, the Steve/Grover ep and the Thanksgiving ep H50 is well positioned. I hope so.

  4. yeah! I meant viewership and it’s so good to see that every ep has increased its total viewers that the anterior but I also hope that NJ could increase more the younger group of viewers and that they remain watching every episode

    • I hope so too! I’ve had a few NJ fans who have thousands of followers RT my promo posts and I’ve made sure they’ve seen them and that I thanked them for their support. So hopefully it will help. 🙂

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