A treat from @carlottamoye #OldieButGoodie #AlexOLoughlin

My favorite Alex photographer ever and this is why!

Think she knew it was White Hot Wednesday?? 😉


Check out Carlotta’s Instagram!

Special thanks to Domi at The Amazing O’Caan Facebook page and @Alexynay from Alex O’Loughlin Journal for the gorgeous “wake me up” special today! ❤️

18 thoughts on “A treat from @carlottamoye #OldieButGoodie #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Love this photo-shoot, this photo-shoot, well one of the pictures was the first thing I saw of Alex and since then, it’s been a great right and wonderful ride! 🙂

    • It’s from April 2010, “Motel shoot” (not an official name) by Carlotta Moye, and my all time favorite photoshoot of Alex.

      Interesting. I saved all the pictures from this shoot from AOLR, and there are a lot, but this is new to me. Is it an outtake? Anyways, great find!

      • It’s apparently one that Carlotta hadn’t released I guess. She posted it herself this morning on Instagram. I guess she felt like it was an Alex kind of day.

        I couldn’t agree more….

  2. I guess only the female eye of a photographer captures exactly all the sensuality of a movement, a facial gesture, a sex look of Alex and put him also the wardrobe needed. I love these pics using the white T shirt and also the jeans jacket ones….
    I’m convinced more and more that H50bamf blog is a reference for her and also for people like producers (PL) and writers…..they probably spy on our wishes, jejejee!….McRollinbed. Cough! And. McGintheshower!!! …..please!

  3. I’m speechless with this pic. It’s breathtaking and beautiful. You my friends that have twitter/facebook, etc, need to ask to Carlotta Moye when she will photograph Alex again and soon, please. TY

  4. I’ve actually tweeted with her a few times and she’s had lovely things to say about Alex. Said he was just wonderful to work with and was a terrific guy in every way. Said she’d LOVE to get him in front of her lens again.
    She seems really cool, in that aussie way we’ve gotten used to. 🙂

    *hopefully soon*

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