5th Annual TASTY Awards announce Nominations and Honorees Included is #AlexOLoughlin of #H50

I really don’t know what this is all about but I guess we’ll figure it out as we go!

From their website: http://www.thetasteawards.com/

“The TASTE AWARDS are the highest awards for the Lifestyle Entertainment Industry. Also known as the Tasty Awards, they are the premier broadcast awards show celebrating the year’s best achievements in Food, Fashion, Home and Lifestyle programs on Television, in Film, Online, and on Radio.”

Alex is listed in the Honoree Category: Great Taste Prize: Hollywood Tastemakers

They have a male and female category and in Alex’s group of men are some real heavy hitters: Ian Somerhalder, Andy Samberg, Don Cheadle, Zachary Quinto, Daymond John, Tom Bergeron, RuPaul, Alex O’Loughlin, Jon Favreau, Dwayne Johnson, Harry Lennix, Fabio Viviani, Idris Elba, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, John Cho

Well we know Alex has good taste in food, fashion and his home & lifestyle so we’ll see where this leads him! At any rate, it’s cool to see his name attached to something with such other great names. 🙂


pic from GQ MOTY edition. My addition. Not included in TASTE website. (though it should be lol)


5th Annual TASTE Awards Nominees and Honorees
PRN Newswire Article
The Taste Awards Official Site

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17 thoughts on “5th Annual TASTY Awards announce Nominations and Honorees Included is #AlexOLoughlin of #H50

  1. OMG that pic… he definitely looks tasty! :mrgreen:

    Congrats to him. Do we vote or is there a taste commission? Which is weird, but at any rate, I totes think they have proved their good taste by nominating him.

    • We can vote? Must have missed that. 😉 And I read these articles at least three or four times to figure out what they are about… *scratches head*

  2. Thanks everyone and you’re welcome! I don’t know what you can vote on. Alex is listed as an Honoree not a Nominee as far as I can tell. So I don’t think there is any voting for him.

  3. Never heard about this awards but it so nice, Alex is included and IMO he deserves to get it becuase he is an example of good taste and a healthy lifestyle that means quality of life and not the superficial and consumerist lifestyle in Hollywood where the more you spend or the more expensive things you buy, wow! Then You have a lifestyle………sorry, I’m sceptic
    And BTW, this pic is tasty……I’ve always believed Alex would be the appropiate successor of Pierce Brosnan for James Bond……I read he hate this character but look at him in this pic, a total panties killer!!! :oP

    • He hates James Bond? Nah, maybe he “hates” to be confronted with the “biggest role he didn’t get” every now and then. He was in London to do screen tests for a week. There were four or five others with him. Finally Daniel Craig got the role. The producers thought Alex was too young at that time (28 or 29, in 2005). A few years later he said in an interview, in five years he would maybe make a better James Bond. That was about five or six years ago…

      • uhm……I know you read and research a lot about Alex but I remember I read it somewhere…..if I get the source, I’ ll share with you….I’m not a native english speaker so maybe I have misunderstood too.

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