Pic Spam 4.07 – Ua Nalohia (In Deep) #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride #DanielDaeKim

This was another episode made of “WIN” for me.  A little over the top in a few places but hey, that’s one of the things I love about H50 and forgive them for it because they balance it out with these amazing emotional and funny character moments.

You know the drill, this is just me having fun with some of my favorite screencaps and gif’s that I’ve made. They’re usually McGarrett centered and rarely plot related.  Click on the first cap and scroll through, making sure you leave your own comments if you feel so inclined. Just stop upstaging me, I’m getting an inferiority complex! (just kidding…let it fly, my friends!)

All screencaps can be found here in the H50BAMF Gallery.

27 thoughts on “Pic Spam 4.07 – Ua Nalohia (In Deep) #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride #DanielDaeKim

  1. Are we sure Alex isn’t biologically related to that child? She has the most amazing long eyelashes!
    Thanks for all the goodies, Ess

  2. Thanks ESS great pic spam…loved this episode and love McG in the brown shirt. Those pics at the zoo and with the baby are my favourite

  3. Loved all of this. Alex is looking soooo good. How much was he thinking “wish I had a little girl like this”. Thanks for one of the best you’ve done ESS! Sooo much pretty.

  4. All in one episode: Our cool BAMF badass SEAL Commander who is twisted around a little baby finger.
    Thank you for your hilarious pic spam. So much fun to read. And I’m sure a lot of work. Especially in this episode it had to be nearly impossible to choose between all those screenshots. You’re one tough girl! 😉

  5. Thanks guys!! This one was tough believe it or not! Thankfully the pics speak for themselves. I could have said blah blah blah blabbedy blah and you’d laugh. You complete me. ❤

  6. Love it all! Thanks for putting it all together. I have to say though I just love where he is holding the baby and rubs his nose over the baby’s head—seriously, so adorable and sweet!

    On a completely different note, I’m interested to see how they deal with Catherine being a part of the team, officially. I like her character, but I don’t know about this…

    • They’re both professionals and Steve is no nonsense on the job. If they write them differently, it will be out of character. Cath has already done work for them since s1, lol so it’s a natural progression IMO. I’ve always thought they needed someone like what Jenna Kaye was doing at the end of S1, intelligence gathering. I doubt it will last though. I dunno. Either way I’m open minded and they’ve done a great job so far this year, I’m going to trust *hope* that they continue it. I think the new writers this year are doing great!

  7. An epic pic spam, ESS! You got all the best moments in! BTW, it’s the greatest compliment I’m capable of – to love a baby-infested pic spam thought I dislike babies.So thank you for this! 🙂

  8. You did a terrific job on this pic spam. I loved the Bamf Steve versus uncle Alex. Yes, you read it right. When he was with the baby (babies), he wasn’t acting, he is naturally and genuine around babies and kids. He “can’t perform/act” close to them because he loves them and he melts. And i melt with him. I like all the pics, but the gifs making me drooling on the top of keyboard. A big TY.

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