Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin by @kimphin1

It’s Veterans Day in the US… A day to honor all those who have served our country.

This seemed like a good choice for today….


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  1. We call it Remembrance Day here in the UK, but the idea is the same, as the daughter, niece and cousin of lots of servicemen and women it’s a day that always resonates quite strongly for me. This pic is the best, wholly appropriate for the day, but still, you know, Alex and his perfect…ummm…everything! Thanks Kim, I love this! Xx

  2. I am often reminded, when we see pics of Alex in character and in uniform, of an interview I read just before H50 premiered 4years ago. He had apparently spent some time with real Navy SEALs training with them and kinda enjoying the physical challenge of it. So a reporter asked him if he thought he could really be a SEAL, if he could do what they do. According to the story, he quickly and humbly huffed, “No, I’m just an actor”.

    He looks the part and has the physical presence to do a lot of what our military does, but he recognizes that our troops are so much more than their physical abilities. He recognizes how very special these men and women are. Today we all get an opportunity to do that. I know I really should do it more often.

    Especially since, unlike Alex, I could not even BEGIN to train with a SEAL. Ded in the first 10 minutes! πŸ˜†
    Lovely pic choice, Kim.

    • Kim, It’s an excellent choice for today….well, Mick is always excellent and TY GNP for the anecdote….it kills me that Alex is so humble all the time and that he shows so much respect for the navy seals……I work at the Central military hospital in my country and I can say that these men really love the concept of nation and they sacrifice many times their own personal life and has a truly vocation of service…..congratulations to USA, CANADA and UK military forces!!

  3. Great choice! Navy SEALs are truly amazing – I’ve had opportunities of being with the them while watching them display their talents. Incredible!

  4. Very appropriate photo for today–great choice. Yes, veterans and active service members are truly special people–we cannot thank them enough!

  5. Very appropriate for today. I observed the 2 minutes silence today remembering my dad’s cousin who was in the navy and my dad’s best friend who was a soldier and lied about his age both killed in world war 2

  6. Thank you Kim this is beautiful and SO right for today, My father served in the British army in the North African campaign with general Montgomery. my husband was in the U S army and my son served in Somalia as a proud US Marine so this day means a lot to me whether i call it Veterans Day or Rememberance Day or even as my mum uased to say “Armistice Day: from WW which ceased on THE 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 , my mum lost a brother in that one. I salute them all and stand in aweof their service especially all who serve in Afghanistan and Iraq today. GOD BLESS THEM ALL

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