More Pics from #CampCobrinha at #GrapplingUnlimited #AlexOLoughlin



 First from Burton Richardson via Egan Inoue’s FB page.

Any Hawaii Five-O fans out there? Alex O’laughlin, who plays McGarret, trains with Egan, so I see him occasionally. In case you are wondering, Alex is a real person. Down to earth, a hard worker, and making remarkable progress in BJJ. An all around good man. — with Steve McGarrett (Alex OLaughlin).


second, a group shot of the participants.  also from Egan Inoue’s Facebook Page


it’s a four day camp so keep your fingers crossed and eyes peeled  for more pics!

7 thoughts on “More Pics from #CampCobrinha at #GrapplingUnlimited #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Of course he’s perfectly perfect at this BJJ. He’s always perfectly perfect, the damn FLR!
    He’s relentless in his perfect.
    Tho 4 days? He’s got a BayBee at home! He better let Malia go do some cool girly stuff soon! Equal pay, dude! 😉

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by his large, manly hands (not to ignore the rest of this beautiful man), Don’t you want to suck that thumb? I do!

    • Uhm…maybe she is tall too Jill, lol! But the important thing is whatever the height parameter anybody has, everybody agree he has big hands………Oh my!…just to think about it ….
      PS: more pics like the first one please, the others with the entire group…..

  3. Four days isn’t bad–not like it’s 24/7. Beside, wouldn’t you want to be there when he got home, to rip off that robe and check on his daily progress?

    He’s wearing his blue belt (sorry, ESS).

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