A little lost BAMF for your Sunday #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

Just got home from my trip, saw the new promo and said, “Oh hello, you BAMF. I’ve been missing you!”   So I had to gif this right away and it would be rude of me not to share. 😉


On a side note, I’ve started pic spam for 4.07 and should have it up later tonight before bed. *hopefully*


24 thoughts on “A little lost BAMF for your Sunday #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

    • Yes it is–hope he was wearing his stunt his knee pads 🙂

      Love the serious puffed out face. And the way he tends to close his eyes when he pulls the trigger. Does he always do that? That could make a good study some day.

  1. McGrover in action! And Steve will be hurt, but we don’t need to worry. He’s Bamf. Thank you Ess for the gif.

  2. Welcome back! And thanks for this gift….I guess Steve is already beyond of being just BAMF…..superhero sliding!!!……I guess he can fly too…

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