Fair warning >> SIT DOWN #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan @cobrinhacharles

Egan better watch out  We have a new best friend for Alex Pics this weekend!



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Thanks for @RainyCali for the heads up


24 thoughts on “Fair warning >> SIT DOWN #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan @cobrinhacharles

  1. I’ve decided the best candids get released when I’m out of town and @heyD50 is watching out for new stuff and posting. Therefore, I believe I should be on vacation all the time and Deb should quit her job to do this full time. Deal?

    seriously…thanks girls.

    Oh yeah and D A Y U M!!!

  2. I know my new career path is I want to clean the showers and hand out towels at Egan’s gym. Live in HI and take care of hot sweaty AOL and Scottie the Hottie. Dream the dream

  3. Alex looks great! I wonder if the drawstring is so bright colored that it draws us to it and needs to be pulled!

  4. What could be better than yesterday’s pic?
    But of course only shirtless sweaty Alex and a bit of wet Scotty too 🙂
    Hopefully Cobrinha will do seminars very often! It’s…..healthy!

  5. Shirtless Alex in two days in a row: -1st wet with a towel, – 2nd sweaty with pants with yellow string. He’s teasing with our hearts and panties. And that smile! He really wants to kill us all.

    Thank you Deb. You are doing a terrific job here on H50BAMF.

  6. The other two look like children next to him. I know they both kick ass, but Jeez. They look so tiny and average next to HIM and his glistening small and glistening chest…

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