H50 Promo for 4.08 – Akanahe (Reluctant Partners) #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride #NickJonas

McGrover.  Oh yeah, I’m all over it!

Looks like fun!   We know Steve will win him over, he wins over everyone. 😉

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11 thoughts on “H50 Promo for 4.08 – Akanahe (Reluctant Partners) #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride #NickJonas

  1. Hee! As Cath said, he always makes a terrible first impression. Ask Danno. ;lol:
    These two are like lightening in a bottle together. I love the pairing. Gotta say I loved McG with Chin last night too.
    Face it, Alex got chemistry with EVERYBODY!!!!!

  2. More Chi is always a good thing! The scenes of McG and Grover going at it are so great, and really looking forward to seeing more of this next week.

  3. Looking forward to more Chi and McG, loved Grover sarcasm (“exemplary work COMMANDER”) love the way he says “commander”! Love the angry and hot-blooded McG he produces 😉 Love how he makes McG tiny in size!

  4. Really looking forward to this ep! Will be so much fun seeing these two together. And of course both on horseback! Ok, Alex on horseback, Chi on faked horseback, at least to some extend. 😉

  5. I need to air my opinion, when I first seen Alex it was on Mary Bryant( a great flick, and he was adorable) I thought he was an excellent actor and easy on the eyes. lately on H5O I don’t think he is really acting, the show is more about looking good. Come on CBS, he is more them eye candy, let the man act…..

    • I respectfully disagree about him not acting lately on H50. I think quite the opposite really. Yes, we celebrate the eye candy here but we also celebrate the talent.

      We got great emotion from him when Cath was kidnapped. We saw his range of emotion when he realized his dad died in this type of scenario and his race to end it and his relief when he get her back. We got lighthearted moments with him at the baseball game. We got his arc with Billy, welcoming him in, believing in him then being skeptical and defensive with him and then ultimately back to defending him when he died. His support and comfort to Catherine through all of that. We have his bromance with Danny, the carguments have been really interesting this year instead of just argumentative, they’ve had substance and meaning, the funny in the party van last week. We’ve had some BAMF McG with the helicopter scene, his physical altercation with Grover, crazy Steve getting physical with Dekker this week… We’ve had compassionate McG with the way he handles like the kidnap victim last week…

      I think he’s doing it ALL, as in a well rounded character instead of just BAMF and I’m loving every minute of it. The fact that he looks pretty doing it, well he just can’t help that.

    • let me add, Wilma I hear what you’re saying and I complained for 3 yrs and really was kinda cold on the McG character because of it…but honestly this year I think they have the right mix. I think they really are giving him a lot to work with and he is fking nailing it.

    • Maybe we also have to make a difference between MB as a mini series and H50 as a crime procedural. On a themed mini series or feature film or even a themed series there are lots of opportunities to play out the whole range of acting abilitiy. A crime procedural in the most part is about the crime that has to be solved in less than an hour. Besides that there is simply no time to look much on emotions (which I think is the best way to show acting ability).

      What we have in H50 is not a simple crime procedural (thank God!). Where there is the slightest gap they put in character stuff which automatically leads to emotions. These are the scenes we (ok, at least I do) and all the actors love the most. These are the scenes where all of them can show what they’re able to do with their characters. In case of Alex all what ESS described, and I for one want to add 3.20. I know, a lot of people don’t like this episode for several reasons, but for me it’s an all time favorite regarding Alex’s range of playing emotions. But you referred to “lately”, so I think you actually mean the current season.

      For one ep I think you’re right, he wasn’t acting in the last ep, 4.07, not in his scenes with the baby. That was Alex himself, at least a big part of him. 😉

  6. IMO, Alex, as Steve, has always excelled as an actor, as well as being the sweetest, hottest, eye candy. There’s nothing
    wrong with looking good !! Whatever is required, Alex delivers. Even so, the episodes I like the most, are those where he
    gets to show his acting chops. I want more people to realize what a good actor he is !!!

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