Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

Alex with Cro Custom Bikes

June 18, 2009

All arms, legs and that gorgeous red helmet *sigh*

June 18 2009 CRO Custom Bikes

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Thud…..thud……wide spread legs over that bike… ( while this sounding on my head):

    “Get your motor runnin’
    Head out on the highway
    Looking for adventure
    In whatever comes our way
    Yeah darlin’
    Gonna make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of your guns at once
    And explode into space……
    Like a true nature’s child
    We were born
    Born to be wild
    We can climb so high
    I never wanna die
    BORN TO BE WIIIIIIILD…” (Steppenwolf)

  2. Unnf!! Dude is masculine enough just standing around doing nothing. Put him on a bike and we got no defense, whatsoever!! That is so not fair!!!
    God bless him. 😉

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