16 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Woot! You KNOW a pic is hot when we see it on tv one Friday and on BAMF even before the next! God BLESS him! 😀

  2. Thanks sis, love the white T shirt. And I liked seeing more of the kitchen in his house. I know I am curious and loved the cabinets with no doors. Love and Blessings, Sue

  3. Fantastic picture! By the way, Ess, you might be happy to hear that I’m starting to really love white shirts, too – Thanks to Alex who makes even ugly colours like grey look great on him 🙂 So I forgive the wardrobe dept. for not dressing him in my favorite colour blue in every episode – After all, you deserve an occasional break from your most-hated colour 😉 🙂 🙂

  4. I’m glad that this season the wardrobe department does our wishes come true. Finally we had Steve in white t-shirt in 2 episodes in a row. Thank you.

    PS: this scene between Steve and Cath was wonderfull. It was very well written and Alex and Michelle were amazing.

  5. Um, ok, now I’m three-quarter-dead, at least… *sigh*

    Marta, you are so right. Great performance by the two of them. I loved them so much at this moment, the characters and the actors.

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