More pics from CBS International Press Day #AlexOLoughlin

Thanks to @itissabrina for the heads up on some of these and to @AOLisking for helping me try to chase down a few credits and being patient with me through my technical difficulties 😉



Credit for the following pics thanks to Alex O’Loughlin Journal: @ParaTVJP : press day facebook page







18 thoughts on “More pics from CBS International Press Day #AlexOLoughlin

      • LOL!!! It happens to me like KIM, I never notice anybody else but Alex, but you guys always make me laugh with your found outs and comments….has anybody notice how manly confortable is Alex seated in the fourth pic?……justwannaseatonhim!!!

          • yep!…..the great frontal view is blocked by those huge hands…..or maybe Alex is aware of his enormous power and didn’t want to disturb the poor interviewer seated in front of him…….I guess she couldn’t get up at the end of the interview so easily…..

        • Yes! For sure…poory……lol! …….lol!… I bet many of us wouldn’t even have been able to take a blurry pic!!

  1. These seem to be more clear that the others I’ve seen so love it. And second photo shoot we see. We’ll be getting some new hot AOL pics. Yaaaaa.

  2. Ohhhh I wish they’d put up some video… but in the meantime, the photos are wonderful! He looks so good, so happy, and totally so ready to flirt and cause some mischief!

  3. Love them all (green screen–wah! put whatever background you like for him), the smirk is great, but for some reason it’s the little hairs sticking out the back of his head in #2 that intrigue me.

  4. You’re so right ESS. He looks totally comfortable in his own skin right now. At peace with himself. Love that he feels so good.

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