Extended Promo #H50 4.07 – Ua Nalohia (In Deep) #AlexOLoughlin

Hawaii Five-0 4.07 Promo

Click link above for CBS Hawaii Five-0 YouTube promo clip. But please be seated first. On the floor. With smelling salts and a friend to call 911.


42 thoughts on “Extended Promo #H50 4.07 – Ua Nalohia (In Deep) #AlexOLoughlin

  1. HELP.ME…….
    My heart and my ovaries just exploded…the adorableness was just too much for them!

    Also I feel kinda awkward saying this but seeing AOL hold and play and make googly eyes at that baby is a HUGE turn on!!
    I know, I know I need help. Hense my opening statement.
    Sigh. IHH/NID

  2. Totally my favorite ep of alll times! 😀 As to this scene… Awesome! I have NO idea what they were talking about with the case but really this ep is just not about a case now, is it? And Alex with that cute baby! That baby looked mighty happy to hang with him. Smart smart girl!

  3. I have a stupid smile on my face …..I know….but I can’t help it…….awwww!……ahhhhhhhhhyyy! Now I know who’s more adorable……Uncle Steve!!!……how he holds her, how he swings with her, how he makes faces and eyes, how he touches with his nose, he rubs her back, he holds his little hands with his………and the” little sis” has two teeth!!!!…….I’m gonna watch it again and again and again……I guess this is gonna be my fav epi from all seasons <3.

    • ^^^this, exactly^^ this… unf! Am I really a bad person since I feel jealous about this cute little baby?
      She wanted to have her line in this episode and talked!! Smart babygirl!
      Plot? what plot?
      Love when Steve shows Chin’s 10%!! Gonna watch it again and again….

      • Don’t feel bad Magalex, your’re not a bad person….like all of us you could say you’re an emotionally unbalanced insane and deeply in love mind and you know what? blame to your hormones. LOL! ….who could ever not want to be hug, rub, swing and touched by that long orgasmic perfect nose???………and the “little miss Sunshine” is really smart: she said her line, lol! She fixed looked at the money on the table…..and when she could she took some!!….it was so funny that instinctly she began to count the bills and SHE TASTED IT!!! ….now she knows how good money is for sure……awww! .

  4. Am sat down. This is absolutely adorable. Can’t stop watching this clip. I’ve gone all gooey. This little girl is so cute and Uncle Steve is too

  5. Uncle Steve is very happy with this baby girl, isn’t he? This is too adorable. And i’m melting in front of computer screen watching this promo. Thank you for putting us again counting the hours and minutes for friday’s evening for some and saturday’s dawn for me.

  6. How will we ever survive this episode? The best preview ever !!! How could any woman not need 911 after this, or even
    risk watching it alone. Can’t wait !!

  7. Is it possible that these guys are talking about TCOW for 2 minutes and we don’t really get the plot????
    It’s because all eyes are on the McG/Baby, bwahhhhhh 😆 !!!
    Well, I did focues (I have watched it – huh, 10times?!?!) did they say something about Matt (Danny’s brother) and Mekka (Danny’s cop friend)? I could be confused, althought, with all the McG cuteness 😉

      • Here’s the translation

        D- ok, we’ve got over $100,000 cash. Explain to me how is it that an undercover cop has this kind of money?
        S – I can’t, ok, I can’t but that doesn’t make him dirty.
        D – Steve, he had the key to that locker hidden in a shower drain. He did not want anyone to see this cash, why? Maybe he was getting paid for inside information by the guys who were ripping off Dekker?
        S = that’s a big maybe for a guy who put his wife and son’s lives on the back burner for 3 years to take Dekker down.
        C – don’t mind the smell
        S – ooooff!
        C – yeah, I know. Strained peas only partially digested. Here, could you uh, thanks.
        D – did you get anything besides baby puke?
        C – yeah, funny. I ran the credit histories on Matt and his wife nothing unusual, they live paycheck to paycheck just like most honest, hard working civil servants on the island.
        S – *baby talk and sounds*
        D – whoa!
        S- hmmm??
        D – can you focus a little bit?
        S – yeah you ran the financials, no surprises, good. What else we got?
        C – I dumped Matt’s phone the only thing I found was a series of phone calls to a local real estate agent all in the last week, the name of Cheri Tranton
        D – real estate agent, that seem strange to you?
        S – maybe the lease is up on his place.
        D – ah! Or maybe he was looking to buy some property and launder some of this cash.
        C – I’ll check in with Agent Kennedy to see if he knows anything about the money or the real estate agent.
        S – you know what Chin? Hold off on that for now. Let’s take a look at Matt’s field reports first, I want to keep ATF out of the loop for now. Kennedy had all the same intel that Matt did, you know?
        D – Oh I see! So I’m crazy, my theory is nuts thinking that Matt went bad but your new amazing idea is Matt’s handler is the one giving the information to the guys who ripped off Dekker.
        S – I’m just saying it’s possible, ok? We all heard what Kennedy’s transcriber said. Kennedy could have pulled Matt out and taken the case down weeks ago.
        C – would explain why Kennedy kept Matt out in the field so long.
        S – right, so lets just take a closer look at the transcripts, see if we’re missing anything, alright?
        S – *More baby noises*
        D – what are we doing?
        S – It’s your turn.
        D – my turn to what?
        S – we’re a team. Danny everyone has to put 110%. Look at this, that’s 110% right there. Chin and I are going to go talk to Dekker and see if he can shed some light on this cash, in the meantime while you’re on babysitting duty, run background on this real estate agent. See if there is any connection between Dekker’s career and Cherie Trenton. And try not to let her drool on the evidence, ok we’re going to need it.
        D – smart kid. Uh, I got an idea why don’t I step up to the team uh, Chin and I will go out and you stay here make those calls and deal with uh, your soiled niece here.
        S – change her soon, you understand or she gets a rash.
        D – does she?
        C – Diaper bag’s in Steve’s office, bottles in the fridge. You’re gonna

  8. Can’t function at all now. I’m just a pile of emotional, hormonal mush. Cute, adorable and that’s before I get to the baby!!!!

  9. His thumb, her little two teeth, his nose… How am I supposed to survive this? He is so pretty in pink. And it takes a real man…
    What is he saying to her? What’s his “dutzidutzidu”?
    And who’s little giggle you can hear at end? This “he he” in the background?

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