#AlexOLoughlin and #ScottCaan with @EganInoue at his new Gym

Best Wishes to Egan on the opening of his new training center




I want to be the recipient of THAT smile  asdlkjfsjgkajgkjggj

Thanks to @EganInoue for posting on Instagram


16 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin and #ScottCaan with @EganInoue at his new Gym

  1. Great photo! I think Egan, along with Alex & Scott of course, are inspiring me to see if I can get a one week membership this summer. Talk about fun and smart marketing! I do have to wonder how many women come to his training center out of curiosity because they saw photos of Alex there 🙂

    In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for my stationary bike and my blu-rays of H50. It’s the only way I’d really exercise. Results so far? Yep! 13.8lbs!

    Is it Friday yet? I need more inspiration!

  2. Beautiful picture 🙂
    I love to see Alex and Scott together and Egan is doing a great job in keeping them in good shape.
    Best of luck to Egan for his new gym!

  3. Wow, Alex looks fantastic! Sooooooooo cute! Scott abd Egan are looking good too, but of course my focus is on the main man, Big Kahuna, Mr. Kekau (anyone figure out what that means yet?).

  4. “I want to be the recipient of THAT smile.” <<<< I think that no truer words have been said/written…then I giggle cuz I think about how many panties THAT smile is responsible for dropping…literally.
    My guess is LOTS. 😀

  5. That smile has reeked havoc many times (in a good way, of course)! He looks fantastic. Good luck to Egan. Yes, I also would like to know what Kekau means.

  6. Ahhhhh, what a great pic! Much better than the previous one. They all look so relaxed, their smiles are great!

    Did you notice Alex’s shirt? Do you remember those pics, two in one? What do you see in this picture: Young girl or old woman? Remember? And now look at Alex’s shirt… What do you see? I like this kind of pics a lot…

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