19 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. That’s what i always do on ml mondays:
    I zoom in mick’s face with my iphone until i can’t see any of his long hair and then i try real hard to SEE stevemcg 😉 !!
    And i fail, because mick is unique, it’s alex o’loughlin BEING mick! I love this so much 🙂 !

  2. ……sigh! Mick is sooooo beautiful, the most erotic vampire ever……………Jonathan Ryes is performing Dracula but he doesn;t have even a little the spell Alex gave to Mick…..I will miss him always

  3. This is such a sweet photo of Mick. He is just meltingly gorgeous !! NBC had a special a few nights ago, called ‘Why we (Heart) Vampires’. It was meant as a tie-in for their Dracula series with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. They were trying to determine the sexiest vampire, and featured every vampire movie and television character. Neither Moonlight nor Alex was even mentioned.
    NBC really blew it, big time !!!

    • I have many reasons for that:
      1. NBC don’t want a bigger rival for Jonathan so they better didn’t mentioned Alex.
      2. Moonlight is a serie from CBS not theirs and they know how many fans were disapointed with its cancelation so they better didn’t mentioned to avoid remembering to the audience and
      3. They know all of us would wake up as “vamps” and would defend Mick as the sexier vampire ever in RL and fiction…
      I wanna say I respect a lot Jonathan, he is a great actor as Alex is but I don’t only respect Alex for his acting talent, I really love him so much….so, sorry Jonathan but I will never watch Dracula because it is at the same schedule of H50 on fridays.

      • They featured vampires from all the other networks, so the fact that Moonlight was on CBS, doesn’t matter.

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