Pic Spam #H50 4.06 – Kapouli la – (Broken) #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim

Sorry I never did get to last week’s pic spam. A migraine kept me down for most of the beginning of the week and I played catch up the 2nd half.  Look for it some time during winter hiatus. 🙂

This week’s episode while it had it’s moments, was just ok for me. Probably because I thought last year’s Halloween episode was pure perfection in every way, I didn’t really expect this one to live up to it. Besides the whole zombie thing is overdone and not my thing so I was a little ‘meh from the get go.  That said, there were some moments I really loved.

As you know, this is just me having some fun with my favorite screencaps. They are mostly McGarrett centered and rarely plot related. Click on the first cap and scroll through, feel free to leave your own witty comments. Sometimes I feel like I should just let y’all do this because you crack me the hell up. ❤

Link to Episode Screencap Gallery. All caps from this pic spam plus more can be found at the link.


27 thoughts on “Pic Spam #H50 4.06 – Kapouli la – (Broken) #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim

  1. It there such a thing as too much studying? 😉 Well I guess Alex did call it when they said the wardrobe department was going to put him in tighter pants. Hope it doesn’t cut off his circulation but from what I can see (and OH can I SEE) things are just right 😛

  2. Don’t worry ES about the last pic spam, a migraine episode can last a few days and it’s terrible, hope you don’t get another for a while……………OMG! Steve getting on that chair, TY mister camera for that angle view and you ESS for giving us. What an AS$!!!………sincerely, I wanna touch it, lol!

    • Thanks EU. SAdly, I get them the most in the fall. 😦 It probably won’t be my last this year.

      I wish the camera man had given us another second or so of him getting on the chair but I really can’t complain. ❤

      • oh! I’m so sorry…….and you’re right, things like this happens so fast during the airing episode that we can’t contemplate as much as they deserve but thanks to you we can wach it and watch it and watch it….continue your life and then watch it and watch it, go to bed and get up to watch it and watch it……THANK YOU <3!. que culito!!!!

  3. Thanks for these fantastic pics for a great start into the week. And you really shouldn’t apologize for not posting last week’s pic spam – I have migraines myself from time to time (just last week, too) – they are no fun at all 😦

  4. I love pic spam, love the comments! It’s so much fun to read all the different opinions from all around the world! It’s all about fun and Alex! Thanks 😆

  5. I agree that last year´s Halloween epi was so great that this year´s wouldn´t match up, but I still was a bit disappointed. But you did a great job with your picspam and commentary 🙂

  6. I agree. Last years ep was creepier and the theme of this years might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the views! The VIEWS in this one are great! Thanks ESS for capturing them! 🙂

    And it would’ve been even greater to see Steve in the morgue drawing out the dead body instead of Chin.

  7. Hope you’re feeling better today. Migraines are the worst. Since I’m (very) post-menopausal I no longer suffer from them. There is something good about being older!

    Great pic spam. I enjoyed this episode – had a little bit of everything. Like Miracle said, the views this year were OUTSTANDING!

  8. Thanks ESS for the pic spam. That a$$ is there again…love it. Needed something today as the pain in my back has returned I have a sit down job but spent most of the day on my feet as couldn’t put any pressure on the lower part of my back.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  9. I hope you are feeling better. Migraines are bad, only people who have/had, really understand what you suffered. It knock you down for several hours and sometimes days.The large/big difference in temperatures this time of year (hot at home/office and cold outside) does not help and avoid coffee, chocolate and cheese during a couple of days.

    I enjoy the pic spam as always. And patiently waiting for your pic spam of 4.05 in winter hiatus, just for reasons………………… too much eye candy for us.

    Thank you.

  10. Glad you’re doing better, ESS. My dad and sister are migraine-sufferers, so I understand about laying low in the dark. Please do not hurt your head by looking at bright computer screens. Anything you do here is well-appreciated, so take care of yourself when you need to, we’ll survive 🙂

    I, too, was disappointed with this episode because the previews made it look goofy and fun, and that wasn’t much the case. I think you hit the high points with your PicSpam–lots of GREAT captions there. Take care!

  11. This ep was ok but not the greatest one. But I have to disagree on something and you amy all kill me hehe but hey it is my point of view some may agree with me some may disagree. Sorry but Im starting not to stand Danny this season, It is all complains and complains. He whines for everything. You cant never please him. He whines about the prank Gracie did with the toilet paper. Catn he just have a little sense of humor? I mean it was Halloween and kids do pranks this day of the year, He has to loosen up a little not everything goes by the book especially in this case. And plizzz a police officer who dodges bullets, chase cars, kill people is afraid of closed spaces and he wotn get inside cause of that? Common!!! He is a police officer for God;s sake, Police officers has to deal with certain situations that comes to the territory when it comes to catch killers and bad guys. I guess Danny will have to go to some therapy in the police department in order to get rid of and overcome certains fears he has so that way he can serve better the deparment. I never seen a police officer that wotn catch a bad guy cause he suffers from claustrophoby., Time to over come that Danny he needs therapy otherwise the fear will never go away until he deals with.Like he overcome the fear of water. I never seen a police that chicken as Danny but that is my opinion.

    Sorry but I never seen a police officer who act

    • Danny has many many times been on my last nerve with his whining and complaints. I listen to it at work all day so it’s not something I generally find entertaining. That said, I get that sometimes his complaints are meant as comic relief and I didn’t mind his complaining in this episode and thought it was kinda funny, especially when I knew right away that the person who TP’d his house was Grace. ;).

      I was talking with a friend yesterday and we were saying that every Halloween episode we learn some little “quirk” that Danny has, sometimes it’s funny and sometimes not so much. 😉 People will have differing opinions as to which are which. 😉

  12. Sorry about your migraine. I get them and they really suck. That said, I hope you’re better by now (mine last DAYS sometimes). Love these! Love you for posting all the pretty. Max: “THAT’S WEIRD” FTW, Max, FTW! And I’d tell that Faaaccce anything on earth, too. Best comment “only one shadow” Girl you crack me up. Love love love!

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