CBS International Press Event Today In Los Angeles #AlexOLoughlin

First pic from @JennyCooney via Twitter

#alexoloughlin says “without the fans We’d be nothing – I’d be a carpenter!’ #H50 ‘
internationalpress_11214_ alex

I’d let him do carpenter work at my house anytime!

favorite time of every day? “Seeing my kids” #gooddad #alexoloughlin #h50

I will put any additional pics in this post rather so keep an eye out!


didn’t take long for Pic #2

from @MargaretGGG via twitter

#AlexOLoughlin #hawaii5-O @CBSIntlTweet I was misquoted I AM happy here Not planning anything else

internationalpress_11214_ margaretgardiner_alex

He looks lonely.  I should go sit with him.

from  @MyStarTwo via twitter

It’s Day 3 of @CBSIntlTweet press conference and the hunky Alex O’Loughlin from #H50 is our first interviewee!

Alex talks about getting injured a few years back on the set of #H50 & why he’s leaving some of the stunts to his body double. @CBSIntlTweet


from @Chac via twitter   can anyone translate?

MASSIVE! Alex O’Loughlin ha platicado con los creadores de @HawaiiFive0CBS sobre que Steve McGarrett podría sufrir post traumatic stress.

internationalpress_112-14_chac (twitter)

another from @Chac

Porque el tipo, además de todo, es buen pedo. Alex es un… *se desmaya*


From @sivaninrr on Instagram:

Hoy con el  de @xiomarat #AlexOloughin #Hawaii50@CBSIntlTweet @tvynovelas


#AlexOLoughlin answers phone in middle of panel, puts on speaker a telemarketer offering cruise 4 survey “Do we want to do this?” #No #H50

Tip from #AlexOLoughlin if you see him and ever want to take a photo “Just ask first, I’ll say yes” #H50

anxious to hear the answer to this one>>> @astrachantv

 @HawaiiFive0CBS‘s #AlexOLoughlin repeating a question at @CBSIntlTweet press session: “‘Is is harder for me to be a sex symbol in shorts?'”

#AlexOLoughlin #Hawaii5-0 his mum shows up then disappears again could effect him psychologically @yahooTV @TVGuide


20 thoughts on “CBS International Press Event Today In Los Angeles #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I’m loving his answers so far 🙂
    OK i admit it it was me on the phone inviting him to a cruise… Can’t blame a girl fro trying right?

  2. Come fix my house! I’ll make it worth your while and i’ll keep you company! I’m a great helper. I know the difference between the tools and things! SQUEE!

  3. Hmmmh! I think this man needs to be cloned so we can all hire him to fix stuff at our homes – and enjoy him as an actor at the same time 🙂

  4. According to google translator:
    Alex O’Loughlin has talked with the creators of @ HawaiiFive0CBS about Steve McGarrett could suffer post traumatic stress.

    I would love that.

  5. Alex can come around to my house as I’ve got loads for him to do.

    I too would like to see an episode with Alex having PTS. I love it when he gets character stuff to do

  6. thank you so much for sharing these awesome pix honey, i shared them, well i re-posted them to my FB, coz they are too gorgeous not to 😀
    mahaloz xox

  7. Yes, he does look lonely–what’s up with that? Poor guy, looks like he got grilled. “Just ask” and “I’ll say yes”–what a sweetie! I’m buying my plane ticket now–figure I’ve six hours of flight time to work on my asking skills. WOWZA!

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