From @CBSIntlTweets #AlexOLoughlin photo by @JeffKatzPhotog

Hope there’s more!

#H50‘s Alex O’Loughlin today at #CBSSIIPJ @beverlyhilton with @JeffKatzPhotog!

 Internationalpress_11213_@jeffKatzphoto twitter

’cause I wanna see that smile close-up!

and a black ‘n white version from @JeffKatzPhotography on Instagram


14 thoughts on “From @CBSIntlTweets #AlexOLoughlin photo by @JeffKatzPhotog

  1. Oh yes, me too!
    Amazing how those pants and white shirt make him look absolutely slender and gorgeous and gentleman-likeish! (not that I think he otherwise looks chubby 😉 )
    It’s more his way of transformation with a new style that is truely amazing!

  2. That’s hilarious–just put up some white corners, add Alex, and shoot away. Love it! And he is gorgeous as usual (sigh).

  3. Alex is a real clothes hanger. No matter what he wears he looks hot. It’s a gift and he knows how to use it. Love him.

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