1st extended Promo for #H50 4.07 -Ua Nalohia (In Deep) #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim

Credited appropriately to CBS Hawaii Five-0 YouTube Account.


9 thoughts on “1st extended Promo for #H50 4.07 -Ua Nalohia (In Deep) #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim

  1. I can’t wait!!! Even if I hadn’t watched last episode yet… I don’t like babies that much… But I guess it’ll be a fun ep 🙂
    Mahalo for keeping us updated ESS!!! Mwaaaah!!!

  2. The little girl has captured my heart such a cutie and especially in Alex’s arms. This episode I can’t wait to see…hurray up weekend

  3. I usually don’t like when they use babies or even kids sometimes in show because it feels very manipulative and I can already tell this is to manipulate my ovaries back into action. For some reason I just don’t care though. LOL!! Bring on the baby episode!!

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