Sorry, I couldn’t wait #H50 4.07 McG/baby gifs #AlexOLoughlin ***spoilers***




27 thoughts on “Sorry, I couldn’t wait #H50 4.07 McG/baby gifs #AlexOLoughlin ***spoilers***

  1. The sweet baby girl can’t keep her eyes off him. 🙂 She’s a quick learner. 😆 Uncle Steve is going to obliterate what’s left of my ovaries! FLR!

  2. We were waiting for these gifts ESS!!!!..awwwwww!……..really, I can’t decide who’s more tender…..the baby or Steveeee………and I wanna see uncle Steve in pampers duty for sure, LOL!……..but where is aunt Cath?……..OMG! I swear my maternal instinct is awake now and my ovaries like popcorns, lol!

  3. Definitely no need to be sorry, Ess! I’m so glad you couldn’t wait – I love, love, love the promo trailer and the gifs you chose from it 🙂

  4. OMG that’s super cute 🙂
    Love the one where Steve is changing her hat!
    I can’t wait to see our three boys dealing with the little girl

  5. Ugh…. I was just letting my ovaries recover after nearly a week spent with my baby niece, these gifs are not helping!! This ep is gonna kill me!!

  6. Thank you so much that you couldn’t wait and did these awesome gifs. Uncle Steve is gonna kill us all. I’m already melting, especially with the first gif. Even she can’t take her eyes of him. She’s smart.

  7. first pic.. the looks she is giving alex and he to her…. looks like a very interesting talk their having indeed… for sure, looking forward to this one and finding out what they were talking about, or not! lol

  8. This is going to be a great episode! I, too, like the one where he switches hats. I didn’t know Steve had such great parental skills! (I know Alex does). This will be interesting! Is it Friday yet??

  9. Peter Lenkov and TPTB know EXACTLY what they are doing.. They know that WE all know what a marvelous daddy Alex is in REAL LIFE and how we would love to see him with his own beautiful baby boy!!While respecting Alex’s privacy they are treating us to the closest thing we can get’,Uncle Steve with an adorable baby girl in REEL LIFE.!!!Thank you Peter from the millions of ladyfans now reduced to MUSH!!!

  10. Love the gifs, ESS! Thank you! ❤ And please don't ever wait if you feel like it. 😉

    Now I have to catch up with all your posts from yesterday…

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