November Calendars for #AlexOLoughlin fans #H50

Many thanks to our friends who contributed their Alex calendars for this month’s post! They just keep getting better and better!

If you want to contribute a calendar for December, go ahead and create it and send it when ready. Don’t wait until the last minute!  Send it to, put “Calendar” in the subject line and include the name you want to be credited as in your file names and in your email. *it helps keep dummies like me from getting the credits wrong 😉 *

17 thoughts on “November Calendars for #AlexOLoughlin fans #H50

  1. Thanks for all of these – Once again, choosing between these calendars is the hardest decision of the month. It’s so good to have several walls to put these up 🙂

  2. OMcG!!!! I missed a lot the last weeks… Ladies, your calendars are great like always 🙂 Luna, you’re killin me with the blue one 😉

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