New training at @EganInoue’s gym #AlexOLoughlin

From Egan’s Instagram:

Egan’s Training Center with #alexoloughlin2nd day working out in the new facility.#eganinoue #eganstrainingcenter #h50 #bjj#bigcitydiner

102913 Egan Inoue 2nd day gym

Egan is getting Alex prepared for the onslaught of women at the defense class in Nov. 😉


18 thoughts on “New training at @EganInoue’s gym #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Think the hair is really growing these days. And the scruff. And Egan may have him down, but the damn leg seems to be holding Egan aloft. Oy! That’s a strong leg. Also the foot braces. I need to go sit down now.

  2. I’m uh….oh mon dieu! Je ne peux pas parler! DAMN! WOW! OMG! OMD (OMG in French)! I’m not sure why but that photo just sent me over the top for the night! I guess it’s just I’ve never seen Alex in action (except H50) and so it’s DAMN SEXY! 🙂 😛

  3. Wow ESS! I’m so glad you’re feeling better, you have sent a lot of pics in FB but this one is the perfect one to finish this day and our existences….naaaah!….somehow, we always survive………..:o)

    • Thanks babe. Had a dr appt yesterday so i had some time of work. Spent it organizing the hundreds of pics that have been released since SOTB and my vacation and started to work on the Gallery. That was an all day affair! Lol.


  4. Mmmmmm………can’t think of much better than rolling around on the floor with Alex!!!!!!!!! Only if it was rolling around on something softer of course!!!!!!!!

  5. Looks to me like Alex has got the better of Egan and he’s heading for the floor. Love these pics of them both

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