Charity Women’s Self Defense Seminar by @EganInoue and #AlexOLoughlin

From Egan Inoue’s Twitter and Facebook accounts:

102813 Egan women self defense class

Also from Egan last night: – “After our first training in the new gym we were styling our new shirts designs. Want one? Check out:

102813 Egan Inoue 1st workoutgym



28 thoughts on “Charity Women’s Self Defense Seminar by @EganInoue and #AlexOLoughlin

  1. LOL! I just saw this on Twitter… I hope they do understand they’re gonna need Grover and the SWAT team there for crowd control. And I’m thinking Alex better be damn good at self defense himself…he will be tested. God bless him and his kind selfless self.

  2. Those guys sound like a better and a much more fun self defence instructor than the person on the last seminar I attended. xD

    Also, they need to put up there somewhere (unless I miss it) about their shipping policy coz I am getting closer and closer to getting one of the shirts and I’m totally blaming Alex for it. ;p

    • Hee! I imagine they are selling quite a few shirts… tho no one else will quite fill em like Alex does his. 😉

      • Just if they ship outside US. I’m not desperate enough to send them email (yeah, me and CS really not good combo :P). I honestly like some of the designs. Alex be the one sort of promoting them doesn’t hurt of course. 😉

  3. I’m wondering how fast they will reach capacity for both seminars. Personally if I lived there or if by some miracle they’d do one in Los Angeles, I would so be there (but then most of Los Angeles too 🙂 ) Honestly, with Egan and Alex there, I’m sure it will be beneficial for the center and fun for those who get to attend. I do wonder if those who live in Honolulu are still a little “starstruck” the way many of us can be or if they are like, “Oh cool, benefit for the Women’s Center.” I’ve seen one who registered and then realized it was the wrong date! Guess it’s the power of Alex hmm…??

    But then I have to wonder if they will have some “charity” registrations? People who would like the shirt and autograph shipped? No matter what I’m sure this event will be a huge success!

    Now if only Egan could convince Alex to do this in late July/first week of August 😉

  4. That’s amazing 🙂 And for such a good cause too.
    If only I lived in Hawaii. but then again it mgith not work cause i wouldn’t want to defend myself from him
    I truly admire Alex for giving some of his spare time to give back to the community, what a man!

    • I would totally fight him tooth and nail. I bet he likes that. #yeahisaidit

      On a serious note, it’s cool that 100% of proceeds go to charity and that hospital is where Lion was born so that’s an extra nice gift. Who knows, Alex & Malia may need to use them again one day 😉

  5. So, I need to win the lottery very, very soon!! 😯 Love the new picture of Alex and Egan. Notice now that Alex has supports on both ankles 🙂

  6. Holy f-in crap! I’d pay $3,000 for that seminar. Wonder how big the class will be–they may have to rent the SOTB beach 🙂

  7. When I first saw this before work this morning, I thought to myself “Poor Alex will have to defend himself from the hot-blooded fan girls” 🙂 but I think some of his biggest fans live too far away to “attack” him 🙂
    In any case, I think it’s suuuuper-nice of him to do this charity class to help the hospital – That’s the kind of great stuff we all love him for.

  8. …..A great cause from a great heart!! …… lucky are the women in Hawaii!!! ………..imagine learning self defense with Alex (wallow inthefloorwithAlex) cough! ….is priceless!!!!

  9. All i can say is that Hawaiian women have so much luck because this is a great chance to meet, speak and probably touch this handsome man. I would like to know if a McPerv will go to this seminar and makes a report for us, including video and pics, please?

  10. Alex, I would need a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation please! since I would be dead before reaching you!!
    Is this lesson available? One can dream…

  11. You know, I’ve been thinking that this is so backward–Alex will obviously have to defend himself from the participants. I think he’s really working on HIS defense skills. He’s looking so smug–okay, ladies, give it your best shot, take him out 🙂

  12. This man has a heart as large as the rest of him! I think it’s wonderful that they are donating all the money to the hospital. Is he trying to look tough in the 2nd picture? And does he have underwear on under those white gym pants?

  13. How can any of us not love this beautiful man’s boundless love and compassion and sheer goodness to so many great causes
    I not only love and respect him for his grace and talent but I respect him completrly for his commitment to Humanity GOOD ON YER ALEX

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