**SPOILERS** @PLenkov shares a couple editing pics 4.09 #H50

The first is from Instagram @PLenkov ” Big bro and sis “



the 2nd from his twitter account


They look so sad

Aunt Deb must be a really bad singer!

Alex has an old Hollywood Leading Man look going on, don’t you think?


32 thoughts on “**SPOILERS** @PLenkov shares a couple editing pics 4.09 #H50

  1. Those handsssss! First dwarfing her shoulder and then … just there! That second pic would be perfect for White Hot Wednesday! Thanks for sharing, Ess.

  2. OMG – although I never liked Mary, I absolutley LOVE these pictures. So wonderful. Can’t wait for this episode to air. I’m sure this will be a great one.

  3. Well Steve wearing a tie, Mary is sad and Steve looks forlorn plus the aunt sharing a secret. Hmm…the mystery does deepen and now I’m VERY intrigued! I’m guessing the Thanksgiving episode will have a strong family theme in more ways than one.

  4. Do I now get to know why nobody in the McGarrett family looks like Steve? And that Steve should compare the WoFat DNS to someone else’s? 😉
    Or it is simply because Mary has to give the baby away… they found a real family for the little girl?
    Whatever, I think I’ll love it. Because I love emotional Steve, emotional Alex in the mix with all his goofyness!
    Another mix I love? Suit, tie plus beer bottle plus 5 o’clock shadow. Harrrrrr!

  5. I don’t think the secret is that they’re not related. That would totally suck if show went down that road. I mean, how much more will they do to these poor kids??

    I think Aunt Deb’s secret is whatever reason she has to go to jail. This emo scene is probably over Aunt Deb in some way OR as suggested maybe Mary has to give the baby up. Possibly the adoption wasn’t finalized or something.

  6. Awwww! ……I guess Steve and Mary are two siblings with a lack of love, specifically maternal love in their lives and that’s something you have inside your heart always…. maybe aunt Deb brings out some memories for them…. I know Mary is a little bit crazy….without “the little bit” but I feel she loves her brother like nobody else..

  7. This episode looks interesting. Don’t like to see Steve and Mary sad but that seems to be the case since s1. They need someTLC.

    Love seeing Alex in a shirt and tie

  8. I’m looking forward for this episode. By the pics, we will have a good one. Football match with all, sister Mary and a loopy aunt Deb to Steve take care of.

    Speaking about wardrobe, we are being spoiled this year – in the same episode we will have Steve in shorts, tank top and in suit with tie again. Thank you!

  9. Oh, it’s a computer screen! For a minute there, I was wondering where I could get this unique-looking chair/bench with such a nice stand. =) I’m so glad to see Steve out of his khakis. Love the fine wardrobe. No idea. Maybe aunt Deb’s secret is she’s their real mother, not Doris. 😀

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