**SPOILERS** #AlexOLoughlin and #CarolBurnett from #H50 4.09

First pic is shared by via Twitter from @plenkov

409_CarolBurnett_Alex I

I’m thinking.. HMMMM Sure looks like they are in the Blue Room

THEN I see this tweet and share from @Wanda_JustWanda


ALEX in a suit!  oh wait.. that’s not what the article’s about.

Mary apparently learned a thing or two from Aunt Deb! 

*Article from William Keck TV Guide



25 thoughts on “**SPOILERS** #AlexOLoughlin and #CarolBurnett from #H50 4.09

  1. OMG!!!!! Alex in a suit and he looks smoking!!!!! Hot!!….. I a dead!!!

    The pic is adorable Alex hand in hand with Carol so cute! Mary with her baby and Kamekona in the background I only miss Cath!!

    Is it November 22th yet!!

  2. Suit and tie. afd;aldfja;ldkfj;asldfkja;sdlfkj;dlfjkdfjk McG cleans up well. 🙂

    Oh man, I’ve been sick for a few days (which is why pic spam isn’t done yet) and I wake up from my nap today to see Deb posted this teaser. It was like an instant happiness pill!!

    Most people consider Lucille Ball as the Queen of american comedy, Carol has always been the one for me. Her comedy is still damn funny to this day. I can’t wait to see her play Loopy Aunt Deb and we can possibly see where MaryAnn got some of her qualities from, huh? OH man. Did someone mention Alex in a suit?? This episode cannot get here fast enough.

    • Hope you feel better–rest up!
      Totally agree with you on Carol Burnett. 1) SO much better than Lucy (not a big fan of slapstick) and 2) YesYesYes, we wonder why Mary is so loopy? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      • I just spent 30 min watching Carol Burnett show on youtube. I have tears running down my face and am doing the ugly cry! lol!! OMG. So much funny. She was kiiiiiind of slapstick IMO but what separated her from Lucy was Lucy was too…..whiny (and you know how I feel about whiny! KMN!!). The best was that they taped live and would crack each other up. Each episode had it’s own gag reel. ❤ T

        • True, but Carol’s slapstick was funny, while Lucy’s was not. Different era, I know. The “Tara curtains” was the best ep ever–laugh til I cry when I see that one, even though I’ve seen it a few times, still always laugh. I find “comfort comedy” the best remedy for sick days 🙂 Or a good old b&w movie, with Cary Grant.

          • Oooh speaking of Cary Grant, a few friends and I were saying that Alex was channeling some Cary Grant in the pics with him and MaryAnn. The new editing pics Peter tweeted yesterday. What do you think?

  3. Get better ESS!…….yeah, we need comedy after the last friday episode…..it looks the “Loopy Aunt Deb” is Steve’s favorite Aunt, he looks so happily hot holding her hand ….awwwwww!………S4 is getting better and better :0)

  4. Do we know if Loopy Aunt Deb is from John or Doris’ side of the family? I would guess John since he sent the kids away to family.

    • Good question, Louise. I was thinking Doris’ side because Carol and Christine have the same coloring…but like we discussed above, siblings don’t have to look alike.

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