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  1. OMG! One of my favorite scenes, if not THE favorite scene of the whole series. And there are a LOT hot, cute, etc scenes in there as you all know. But this one… UNNNFFF!!!!! Do you know a gif of that particular scene? Double and triple UNNNFFFF!!!! *THUD*

    • Yes, THE favorite scene–it was just so awkward (and Josef loves awkward). Then Beth “they have labs for that”. SO many great lines and situations in this one. Not to mention Logan’s whole “Lando Calrissian” thing. LOVED this episode! I’m wondering if the writers were so tired by then that they were slap-happy, but the cast was spot-on and worked so well together. Yep, it’ s a classic episode (of any series) in my book.

  2. I love Moonlight Mondays! I can’t think of a better way to start the week. 🙂 That look! I’m with you guys. I need to lie down with him, too. I’ll be patient and wait my turn–maybe. Glad he’s got that vampire stamina. 😉

  3. OMG! Mick feeding, sucking and licking …How could she kept herself stand up??!!…I would faint for sure but before that happens I would offer him my neck, my mouth and every juicy inch of me…….salt and pepper for a Bloody EU, Mick?

  4. MMMMMick! This may be the most erotic scene in the whole series! Those eyes are saying so much! His emotions mixed with being pissed at Josef for tempting him, his raw animalistic need to drink the warm blood from her wrist and a feeling of betrayal towards Beth.
    When his tongue swirled over the punctured skin and his lips closed around her wrist and he sucked…HOLY SH*T! Her face said it all! She was teetering between pleasure and pain, head thrown back, moaning while he devoured her with his orgasmic tongue. I don’t blame Beth for thinking she just walked in on a threesome. However, he is a vampire! A F*CKING SEX ON LEGS VAMPIRE! She just wanted to be THAT girl and have him ravage HER instead. Damn you CBS, for dragging their relationship along so slowly that we never got to see that!
    BTW his nose… is so long and mmmm … *shudder*

    • for God’s sake Lurxgirl!!!……just to read your comment, the whole scene came to my mind…….and I lost my mind!!!!……again….I’m shuddering and drooling, hearing inside of my head the sound of him swallowing her blood…….yeah! the most erotic vampire scene from all vampire’s series ever…….Remember that Beth had already experienced that pleasure of feeding him…….ahhhh! que rico 😛

      • Yes, I remember the bathtub scene very well! My favorite Mick and Beth scene! I know he fed from her, but I think she wanted it to mean more. I think she’d rather “feed” him a little snack, than be the full course meal. A little yummy blood play as opposed to life saving nourishment. Does that make sense? Mick is the only guy I wouldn’t object to playing with his food before he eats. 😛 I’m very sure I’d encourage it. 😯

        • It makes sense to me and I imagine Mick naughtily playing with his food……, lol!…….as a big cat, a magnificient tiger, playing and licking his food before eating……I’m a Mickperv too **.

  5. Those eyes. Alex says a lot with them without uttering a word. I think thats what drew me to him. Thanks goes to Moonlight

    • I can’t stop seeing it…….I can’t stop seeing it!!!!!!……what a long cherry color tongue :P…. the tip rolls up while Mick licks her forearm….bite me please!!!…..well, now I will use the hole I did last friday…….ploop!

    • It would be interesting to hear the actress’ side too. I know it’s acting, but the hottest guy on the planet was licking and sucking on her arm. If I were her, I would have created a slipping hazard with all the bodily fluids. 😛 *shudder*

  6. Hi all, glad you’re enjoying Moonlight Monday, I knew this one would spark some conversation. ❤

    I've been a bit under the weather which is why Pic Spam isn't done yet and will be later this week. carry on without me!! I'll catch up! One day… lol!!

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