More #AlexOLoughlin from the #AIFawards

Thanks again to @mymaximus for sharing!

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 THIS FACE. ^^^^ = me>>>  aslkjjfslakjgsajgdkagj


24 thoughts on “More #AlexOLoughlin from the #AIFawards

    • AustraliansInFilm tweeted this yesterday at midnight (Oct 23 11:50pm): “Check out the great article in @Variety on @australiansfilm & tomorrow’s Awards & Benefit Dinner… Share it, post it, celebrate! #AiFAwards” So I think we will see or at least read something. Hope so… 🙂

  1. Oh my.. He does that on purpose, sticks out that little pink beast on purpose!! If he is not biting that lower lip, he.. DANG does he know what he does to us.. WOW!!

  2. He looks a weeny bit smug in that top pic (I LOVE IT) it’s like he’s saying “yeah I destroyed your panties just by smiling in your general direction…..and you loved it”!

    I’m loving all the pics from this event – thank you ladies!

  3. OMG! Panties destroyer attitude and the pink beast on the red carpet!!! I don’t if I should cry, laugh, run, jump, do the moonwalk or just shooooout……ahhhh!! …..I was thinking I might not survive tonight’s episode but now I’m wondering if I’m gonna survive until tonight… Miracle, when you finish, please lend me your shovel….just in case…..

  4. I had to look at these pictures again. This is the best Alex has looked in awhile (not that he ever looks bad). It’s just he looks rested and happy. The twinkle is back in his eyes!

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