Misc #AlexOLoughlin pics from #AIFAWARDS 10-24-13

4 thoughts on “Misc #AlexOLoughlin pics from #AIFAWARDS 10-24-13

    • He’s another Australian actor who has also done some American work I think. I IMDB’d him last night (about 2 a.m.) but hell if I can remember what I read now! haahhaa!! I think he hosts a show called Animal Kingdom or something like that. I’m lazy and too tired to look it back up right now. maybe someone will mcnerd for us later. lol.

      Anyway, i want to say this @emmaten was awesome because there was nothing coming about Alex on the official channels and only this one tweeter (an australian reporter) even acknowledged he was there in the early going. She responded to all our tweets, shared a few little tidbits and took these last few pics specifically for us. MAhalo to her!!

      • You’re so special ESS!!….. I truly admire how much you love Alex and you’re so kind to share with all of us….Mwa!

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