#AlexOLoughlin and #MaliaJones at #AiFAWARDS Gala

Mahalos again to @mymaximus for being our producer of fine viewing tonight 🙂

Click and then click “full resolution” for the large UHQ version 🙂

patience is a virtue ❤


13 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin and #MaliaJones at #AiFAWARDS Gala

  1. I’ve never seen her wear a ring like that before. It’s pretty damn big and gorgeous. just like her man. 😉

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    • Nope, me neither. That’s why it’s so noticeable. Ring is big, hand is tiny. He’s towering next to her. She’s wasting away–eat, honey, eat. 🙂 I do like her bangs. Not everyone can pull them off, but she can.

  2. ohhhhhhhh ring ring ring and it’s a whopper!!! but then again it might not be. ether way too feckin happy for him 😀 yay!!!!

    is it ok to be jealous of how good she looks especially since she’s has 2 kids under the age of four at home.

  3. Malia is so wonderfully tanned. If I stood next to her I’d look like a pasty white vampire! (To be fair that could be true of me standing next to pretty much anyone). 😉

    Liking the shirt with no tie.

    Also I didn’t notice the ring, nice pick up ladies. 🙂

    • “To be fair that could be true of me standing next to pretty much anyone.” Oh I cracked up!! I’m pasty pale all year for the most part…I can so relate. Just made me think of when Alex was tweeting and he responded that Catherine would have to work on her tan before he said I love you…so funny…maybe he does really prefer the tan look. Guess that puts me out;) like I wasn’t out before, right? Hey, why am I complaining… my Not McG loves me, pasty and all!

  4. Alex rocks a suit! especially without a tie BUT with an open shirt AND…. chest hair!! Yes!!
    He looks really happy and more serene (hope it’s the right word?) so if Malia is wearing THE ring, i am really happy for both.
    Who are the people with Alex on the fourth pic?

  5. The ring becomes her. I KNOW it’s none of my biz, but I hope it means what a diamond ring on the left ring finger usually means! Happiness forevah, beautiful couple! Ching Ching!

  6. Loving the pictures of the happy couple and as far as the ring on her finger (wonder if Alex designed it) , love the way she is standing so we can see it. If it’s THE ring, I don’t know but Congrats to them for being such a beautiful couple. Very fashionable looking couple and I have to say I’m loving her shoes too 🙂 Alex of course is as hot as ever 😉

  7. Ladies he told 8000 people at SOTB and this is word for word “I have marries into a Hawaiian family-and very happily” It looked like a wedding ring to me when i saw this gorgeous couple 5 days ago. i am thrilled for then and told Malia thank you for making Alex happy

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