Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #JennaElfman

From the CBS 2009 Season Premier Party

Alex and Jenna Elfman …oh, it looks like he eyes/xed her too hard!



7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #JennaElfman

  1. Come on! I almost feel sorry for her, how could ever any woman resist to his eyesexing look and being hold by those orgasmic fingers ( poor ovaries, they surely exploted) and survive to tell it? ….Impossible, wow! Alex 4 years ago in suit, black open collar shirt, chest hair, scruffy a little, pink delicious lips and the hair the best way he’s ever had…..MANGOTE RICO….sigh!

  2. Lucky lady Jenna – I really don’t think we need to feel sorry for her. She seems to be a very tough cookie who can handle a gorgeous, hot guy standing next to her 🙂 PS: I do like her a lot, by the way – the “tough cookie” is not meant in a negative way!

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