New BTS pics H50 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth #LarryTeng

A few new goodies showed up last night. Thanks to @Alexynay of AlexOLoughlin Journal for the heads up! ❤️

Pics credited individually.

From Larry10g on Instagram: “That’s an episode wrap on #AlexOLoughlin, mborth78, danieldaekim and the incredible James Saito. One more day left on this awesome episode #H50”


From @iamciarakins on instagram:


Ooh if they finished filming episode 10 yesterday that’s just in time for Alex to head to LA today for his Aussie Breakthrough award! Hopefully many pics to come from that tonight and tomorrow!!


17 thoughts on “New BTS pics H50 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth #LarryTeng

  1. Alex is looking more handsome by the day!!! Hope he enjoys his award bash. Maybe more suited up photos!!! Yeh!!

  2. It’s entirely possible that the family would travel along and celebrate in LA, too — birthdays are moveable feasts. 😉

      • That would be lovely to see! …..I also hope the whole family goes to LA, firstable, because I want Alex get personally not only the award but also the recognition and the applauses of his collegues actors and his beloved ones and second to enjoy together Lion’s first birthday without being so exhausting for Alex to travel to LA and back……I love to see him as he is in these pictures: handsome, relaxed and happy and not tired.

  3. Y’all crack me up… In a good way. Incredibly enthusiastic and supportive fans. And detail oriented. Hee! ❤

    And he. Somehow he got prettier again. How does he do that?

  4. Larry Teng! Wonder what Indiana Jones moves he’s let our guys do this time. Looking forward to this epi.

  5. Alex is looking fine this season. Maybe if the whole family goes to LA for the award ceremony, they will take Lion to Disneyland for his birthday! I want to see lots of pictures.

  6. Hawaiians have huge extended families (remember Jett’s first birthday??). My thought is that there is something planned for friday or even Saturday for convenience in HI and he may come to LA by himself to allow Malia to finish getting the party ready. OR they may all come with him. I dunno. but I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a quick trip by himself then went back to HI.

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