H50 4.07 – Ua Nalohia (In Deep) -Promo pics **spoiler** #AlexOLoughlin #TarynManning

Oh Em Gee


15 thoughts on “H50 4.07 – Ua Nalohia (In Deep) -Promo pics **spoiler** #AlexOLoughlin #TarynManning

  1. It’s her adopted baby. And I am melting seeing McG with this baby. I know Alex is comfortable, but Steve? I am looking forward to this episode.

  2. Hello uncle Steve!
    Although is very hard to believe that Mary had permission to adopted a child, it will be very fun watching our three musketeers taking care of the baby, specially the navy seal – it will be a very important mission, so i hope it will be successful despite the unpredictable that is a baby and a unlikely mother like Mary.

  3. Um, interesting?? Mary + Baby? 😯 Alex + Baby 😀 😀 Steve + Baby – um.. okay!! I like Uncle Chin flirting wit the baby and smiling at her! 🙂 Danny looks bored!!

  4. That’s so freacking amazing ! was not at all expecting that ! but its gonna be SO good ! looking forward to see Steve’s face when he will finds out about the baby ! it’s gonna be PRICELESS 😛
    + Charlie and Grover back and the 3 guys taking care of the baby ! another perfect episode coming up 🙂

  5. Absolutely love Steve and Baby, Chin and Baby, probably even Danny and Baby. This will be great. But the idea of Mary, Steve’s ‘idiotic’ sister to be allowed to adopt a baby, that turns my insides. Sorry, but that is just a horrible idea. She can’t even take care of herself and now she is given a baby? Pfff.

  6. I’m happy that the writers don’t care that Mary adopting a baby is absolutely unrealistic. 😉 I care about the outcome. And that ladies and maybe gentlemen is: UNCLE STEVE!!!!!
    And now

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