HQ #AlexOLoughlin at #AiFAWARDS 10-24-13 thx to @mymaximus

Care of our awesomest friend @mymaximus

102413 Alex at AIFAwards

102413 Alex at AIFAwards2


18 thoughts on “HQ #AlexOLoughlin at #AiFAWARDS 10-24-13 thx to @mymaximus

  1. His face is killing me!! I prefer the bottom one, but both are beautiful. Love the white shirt, dark suit, open collar..mmmm chest hair, scruff and yes,yes,yes I see grey in his temples!!!

  2. Gorgeous Adonis man. Nice dreams tonight. Thanks, ESS, you are the best!

    I’m fixated on his lips (it took me a long time to get past his eyes). Is he wearing lipstick? Tinted lip balm?

    • I could give him a kiss and find out for you!! 😉 Oh my 😳

      Goodnight dreams tonight.

      Thank you Alex! Thank you Australia! 🙂

  3. MyMaximus has the gift to find gorgeous pics of Alex. These two make a awesome post for this friday. Thank you!

  4. I don’t know if anybody on this site at any time already mentioned it, but AOL is a good looking man.
    But that’s just my opinion.


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