Vote for #AlexOLoughlin, #HawaiiFive0 and #BROMANCE for the @PeoplesChoice award.

We’d love to see Alex win!


and for Hawaii Five-0

and the BROMANCE  Steve, Danny AND CHIN



VOTE Early and often!



25 thoughts on “Vote for #AlexOLoughlin, #HawaiiFive0 and #BROMANCE for the @PeoplesChoice award.

  1. Yes! We have to vote and vote and vote and vote many, many times…we are his people that can make him win….it would be great! It would fair! I have the feeling that this is gonna be the year for Alex and H50 but it depends on us !
    Please, enter to to vote for Alex as favorite aussie actor on a TV show….right now, he’s is third place.

  2. In each category, you can vote for a number of other names, but I only ever vote for Alex and Show, cuz any vote for another actor or Show is a competive vote against them. It’s also faster to vote for only 1 name, so you can get more votes in. 😉

  3. Thanks for this heads up!! I knew it was coming but didn’t know exactly when. Alex must win! Alex deserves to win!! And I wiil do my part. I predict i will not get a thing done in the evenings for awhile. I would vote all day if possible. Damn you work!!! Damn you!

    BTW, does anyone know when the polls close?

    • October 31st. Voting for PCA then starts November 5th. If you vote and leave the site, then a window pops up where the dates are mentioned, I think.

      • Thanks miracle!
        Oh boy. My house is going to look like h3ll by the time voting closes! And I will be long out of pantiles with no laundry getting done and the clean ones all destroyed by you know who.
        Hmmm…may have to change my name to commandogirl.

  4. Should we also vote for so you think you can dance since we know someone likes that show…… 😉

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