H50 Promo clip for 4.05 Kapu’eu #ScottCaan #TerryOQuinn

Thanks to Hawaii Five-0 CBS YouTube


No McG in the clip so I’ll give you this little bonus shared by our friend @mymaxius

You know, in case you forgot THIS was happening this week… It IS white hot wednesday after all. 😉


17 thoughts on “H50 Promo clip for 4.05 Kapu’eu #ScottCaan #TerryOQuinn

  1. Yay for Max!! Cuz that’s a beauty!! Thanks ESS and Max.
    And how do I love that convo!! No McG, but the convo is all about McG. It’s as if Joe and Danno are stand ins for… US!!! 😀

    • If they were stand ins for us the convo would have been completely different. #justsayin 😉

      it would have been about why does he wear so many freaking blue shirts, why does he wear shirts at all and what happened to the tan cargos and his grey hair? You know, important stuff. 😉

      • Maybe it’s just the light, but looks like we get at least some grey? MyMaximus told me this picture is from a trailer on TV. Seems to be a different one than the promos we get to see. Does anyone know if there is a YT version of this TV promo?

        OMG, I love Danny! Sorry, but in this particular clip I love him, really! He knows that Steve has issues with some people who betrayed him or simply didn’t tell him the truth. And he insists that Joe has to tell Steve anything he knows, even if this anything is only a rumour. I hope they’ll do it. If Danny would lie to him or didn’t tell him anything he knows about his mother… No, I don’t want to think about it…

        • Darn thing is I have to wait till 10pm MST to watch the episode!! But I will survive. I can watch Mick St. John till then, and if I miss it. I have moved up in the world of technology, I got PVR now!! 😳 Yes I am a bit slow! But won’t miss and episode now!! All set to record the series! 😀 😀

  2. omg! p0rneyelashes!!!! no, indeed he is a p0rncomplete BAMF but they just kill me…….ESS, I have a reason why Steve wears so many freaking blue shirts…..well, you see he is a simple guy, I guess he is very rational with his budget and I think he buys those freaking blue shirts by dozen to get them cheaper……the tan cargos is a good reason to open a federal investigation and recover them, they should be part of his uniform…….they talked about McG but not really talked what we want to hear…..only 2 days more ;0)

  3. I’m loving the DRAMA this season! Hope in entirety that it lives up to the promos. I’ve always liked the Danny character…whiny and negative at times, but so many other great qualities. I do hope he finds some happiness outside of his work and daughter.

    • Agreed, Danny needs some happiness outside of the team and that doesnt always revolve around Grace. It would make him a better character. I’ve liked him more this season than in the past.


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